Thursday, December 24, 2009


Are you excited that tomorrow is Christmas Day?  I am!  I will spend the day with family ~ and that is the most fun part of any holiday for me!

Another thing I like to do during the Christmas season is watch old movies. 

I am part way through watching "It's A Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed - what a good reminder of how our lives can impact others and how others bless us - especially our families.  In the movie, George Bailey finds this out and wants to get back to his life - trials and all.  Bet he would have liked that 'backspace' key, huh?! 

This is a great movie - I think that everyone I know has seen it.  If you have somehow missed it, grab a copy from the library and enjoy! 

Here are a few fun facts you may not know about this movie ~

*The story was originally on a Christmas card sent by a writer named Philip Van Doren Stern.  He couldn't get the story published, so he mailed it to friends.
*"It's a Wonderful Life" was the first post WWII film that both director Frank Capra and actor Jimmy Stewart made.  Stewart had a clause written into his contract forbidding the studio to use any publicity regarding his amazing military service during the war. 
*The snowstorm was filmed while temperatures were in the 90's using a new technique to simulate the snow.  This was the first time that live dialogue was recorded during fake snowfall because the previously used white coated cornflakes were too noisy to record dialogue.
*It took two months to build Bedford Falls and it covered over four acres.
*The dance scene in the gymnasium, where the floor has a swimming pool under it, was based on an event that actually happened.

Check out this ---> link <--- for lots more fun trivia about "It's A Wonderful Life" and have a very MERRY CHIRSTMAS EVE!



  1. I hope you and your family have a Very Merry & Relaxing Christmas!

  2. Thank you, Audrey! It was a wonderful day - hope your Christmas was equally delightful!

    Merry Christmas, Quilt Works =) Thanks for stoppint by!

  3. Mom and I have still not seen it! lol I will have to watch it next year!

    We just finished watching the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol", really good movie too! I had seen another version before, actually quite a few other versions, but had not seen that one yet!

    We still have "Holiday Inn" and a few others to watch, man I love my Tivo! lol

  4. LOL - I am still watching Christmas movies - I usually do until New Years =) You would really like It's a Wonderful Life, I think! I love the 1951 version of Christmas Carol - had some really good special effects for the time.

  5. Yeah I saw it on tv this year but there were so many other ones looked good, but I will try and catch it next year if I remember!

  6. It's hard to see everything *winks* I thought I had finished all my Chirstmas movies when I discovered two more recent versions of The Christmas Carol =p... ah, to watch? or not to watch? roflol!

  7. LOL Kathy, if you don't make sure and tag them to watch next year!

  8. Good idea, Pam =) Though I could watch some Christmas movies all year long. Hey, what do you expect from someone who has a little Christmas tree up all year *winks*

  9. LOL We just watched another Christmas one, this one was a bit odd, but oh well!

  10. hehe - hey - it's not New Year's Eve, yet! We used to finish up Christmas the first week of the New Year - so Christmas movies are legitimate fare right up to Epiphany *winks* I think so =)


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