Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Little House on the Prairie Christmas

This year we started a new Christmas Tradition.  Like so many other 'traditions' it just sort of happened.  We were looking for a way to make our Christmas celebration fun for kids and adults,  keep the true meaning of Christmas, and not cost a lot of money.  We had so much fun planning everything, that, even before Christmas was here, plans were forming for next year's celebration!  This is such a fun tradition, I thought I would share it with you all.

Our Christmas theme this year was "Little House on the Prairie".  The menu, which included parsnips, turnips, pot pie, creamed carrots, cookies and candy, was based on recipes from "The Little House Cook Book".  We got to try some new (to us) foods that we all prepared and cooked as a family.  The grown-ups had as much fun making butter, as the kids did!  And, I have to say, I will plant parsnips and turnips now that I know how good they are.

While we did exchange gifts, they were more simple and many of them were things that would have been made and/or shared in The Little House.  Timothy's Dad made some really cool shelves with coat hooks for the girls. 

As part of our 'family cooking' the girls made gingerbread cookies - with a little help from Timothy's Dad.

The girls are all dressed up in costumes that Cynthia made.  They are the little girls from The Little House on the Prairie - complete with braids!

I helped the girls make Christmas angels.  They had a lot of fun creating these.  And, yes, we did fudge and let them use markers to color them =p  We decided that 'historical accuracy' did not need to extend to coloring ;-)

These angels are a variation on the 'pew babies' that Mamas used to make from their hankies.  Kathy, Timothy's mom, made a very clever creation using the same idea ~ she created the Holy Family - Mary, Joseph and Jesus. 

This was a wonderful, memory making Christmas Day!  It was nice to keep our celebration focused on the birth of Jesus and to enjoy simple pleasures as a family.  Our "Little House on the Prairie" Christmas was a great beginning to a new family tradition. 

Next year, you wonder?  Well, it just might involve Turkish Delights and scones with tea...  can you guess which literary classic might be our theme?

God bless,

And the angel said to them, "Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people; for to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."  Luke 2:10 - 11


  1. What a great idea!! The girls are so cute in their dresses :)
    Might have to try something like this next year. We did scale down quite a bit this Christmas. After all - how much "stuff" does one person need?

  2. Simply wonderful Kathy! One of my all time favorite shows, that I continue to watch.

    Sure seems as though you have a very full life, in very many ways.

  3. Kathy, what a grand idea. Your granddaughters are so cute. They will remember this far longer than any other Christmas you could have given them. I have racked my brain, but have not been able to come up with what novel will be next year's theme, Hmmmm...thinking....

  4. Kathy! How blessed are you?!
    Fun and memory making day for all, and what dolls those girls are :o)

    xoxo, Daff

  5. Great article! The kids are just adorable!

  6. Next years theme . . The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Great idea! You'll need heavy winter coats!

  7. What a lovely way to celebrate the Lord's special day. It will stay with the children for ever

  8. What a lovely tradition! Will there be a wonderful lion named Aslan that comes to visit next year? What a fun thing to do! I'm going to pass it on to my daughters!

  9. Thanks, Audrey =) This was such a wonderful Christmas because it focused on the family doing things together. It was fantastic!

    Tulips - I am blessed with a creative family, too - our ideas just blossomed as we shared them.

    Thanks, Marlene =) We all had a wonderful time! Ah, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe =) unless we change our minds =p Other themes in the running were Anne of Avonliegh, Little Women, The Waltons, and several others. The possibilities are enormous!!! All of them have books that could be read before Christmas so that the kids would know the real story as well as take part in the fun family events.

    Thanks, TC =)

    It was, Anastasia =)

    Oh, Daffy - I adore these little girls! They are so sweet. They ang their cousin had such a fun time with all of the things we planned. Well, I'm really not sure who had more fun - them or the adults! roflol!

    Thanks, Tracey =) It was fun to do and fun to write!

    You got it, Linda *winks* and LOTS of Turkish Delights! I am thinking that little mufflers might be the perfect gift! lol!

    Myfanwy - They really enjoyed it - and so did we. I think we shall always remember this Christmas very fondly!

    Graceful - Thank you *nods* yes, I do believe that Aslan will make an appearance - perhaps as an ornament for the tree *winks*

    Glad that you all enjoyed the post - and our new Christmas tradition! And, doubly glad that you would like to share it with others =)

  10. Wow Kathy, what an amazing idea / experience for you all, something I am sure you will all remember for a long time! Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. Thanks, Pam! I can't take credit for the idea. Cynthia and Kathy (Timothy's mom) came up with the idea and it just sort of blossomed. We all had soooo much fun that we have adopted this as an official family tradition!


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