Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It’s all about me!

Okay – so some people want to know a little bit about me… um, not sure why because I am not the most exciting person in the world… or even in Paulden =p

But, since some of you are curious, here are a few little snippets about me that someone might find sort of interesting… maybe…

  • I love the Lord!  
  • I have the cutest grandkids in the universe. Don’t even bother to argue with me *winks* I love my family and I admit all prejudices that I have in that respect. 
  • I live near a little town called Paulden which is named for Paul and Dennis who were young boys when the first settlers came here. I do know descendents of the original town founders – hehe, it is hard not to know some of them in a town this small! 
  • I have five acres… which seems like fifteen acres when I have to mow part of it and seems like thirty acres when I am searching for Forrest, when she doesn’t want to come inside at night. Naughty kitty! About half of it is fenced off for my horses and goats. 
  • I like chocolate. Chocolate anything. Just about… Umm… I bet you already know that, though. 
  • If I want anything that I cook to taste edible, I had better have a recipe. I have burnt so many meals that I have developed a taste for charcoal. I am addicted to allrecipes.com =) Many of their recipes burn exceptionally well.
  • I am fluffy. There. I have said it! eek. I am working on not being fluffy, but I really don’t like exercise. *sigh* and I do like food. My exercise bike is my friend – if I have a movie to watch. *rolls eyes* 
  • Sometimes I eat popcorn and cookies for dinner, get crumbs on my computer key board, feed the dogs at the table, and other gross stuff - all because I live alone and nobody complains when I do those things. TMI?
  • I have learned several skills that I never thought I would know. About 20 years of country living have taught me how to butcher a chicken, trim goat feet, raise baby chicks, sell eggs, string hot wire, train a horse (sometimes), and give minor vet care to goats, horses, dogs, cats, and chickens. I love it, even when I whine about all the work. 
  • I never buck hay. I kick it out of the truck onto the ground and wherever it lands is where it stays. Yep. Gravity is my friend.
  • I am not afraid of snakes if they are outside. Inside *shivers* is another matter altogether! I scream for help from neighbors then. Literally.
  • I am independent. And sometimes stupid. Anyone relate to that? Please?

Well. That‘s enough about me to bore anyone to tears *winks* hope you are not crying so badly that you have run out of tissues.

Now it’s your turn. Share an interesting little nugget about yourself in the comments =) I want to hear from you, too!




  1. You are my kind of woman! It's tough in the country but as the song says "
    A Country (wo)Man can Survive."

    I love my Lord and my family also.

    I am also fluffy but my friend is my treadmill...I know it works because I hang my close on it and they get smaller!! hehe

    I can butcher a chicken, debud a goat, raise a cow or two, train dogs...no horses...put up field fence and barbed wire and used to take care of 75,000 chickens!

    I know what you mean about mowing the grass...we have 9 acres and it takes 3+ hours on a big John Deere to cut all that is not pasture.

    That's probably more that you needed to know!

  2. I love the Lord, do not live in the country (although have in the past and hope to in the future), I love to garden, cook and sew. I, too, am fluffy and have come to accept it and just concentrate on being healthy. I used to water ski competitively, played roller hockey in college and took third place in state competition in racquetball. I have lived all over the United States and in Peru. I herd, er, rescue cats. I have eaten popcorn for dinner, in bed, while reading a particularly good book and if anyone around here complains about crumbs they better find a broom or one of the dogs to clean it all up!

  3. Well, this is a stretch! I usually don't talk about myself. I live in the city, much to my chargin! I so want to live in the country--I miss it. Lived on 7 acres in the mountains several years back, and so want to again! Had a green-broke horse that we had to chase down to ride, raised chickens, sheep and market hogs (4H projects) and had a great dane to roam the property keeping the deer and bears at bay! Love the quietness of the pine forest. Love to sew, garden, and make jewelry. I am also a Christian and Love my Lord!

  4. It was so fun learning more about you! I live a pretty boring, city life with my husband, two cats and a dog. Some days I wish I lived even further in town so I could walk to everywhere I want to go, other days I wish I lived in the country with no one else in sight. Mainly because I'd fill up my property with homeless animals giving them a loving furever home with me!

  5. Well as you probably know, I too love our Lord, I sing in the Trinity Choir,and am Director of Children's Ministries. I love to paint in my studio. I am a good cook, rarely burn a thing. I have three children who live in Phx. and two grandchildren. I live on the edge of the Prescott National Forest and love to hike when my body is up to it. Yes, I am fluffy also. I am VP at Mountain Artist Guild, which just means that I volunteer a lot to help the place keep running. I am working toward being the best dang artist around, outside of you of course. Foremost I love to have friends like you.

  6. Wow, where to start...I love the lord, my family and friends. I live on a farm but raise Christmas trees instead of animals. I have a dog that is my baby and spoiled rotten and she does get fed at the table, in fact I cook special for her. I once raised a duck from an egg, long story but we named her lightning as she was really fast. She would go swimming at the river with us but always came when called to go home. I love chocolate and hence I am fluffly also. I cannot butcher a chicken but can cut up a whole one from the store in the blink of an eye. I am a pretty good cook but occasionally do burn things and Have also been known to not get them quite done either. enought said...

  7. Graceful ~ wowser! 75,000 chickens? nope - 60 were enough for me! lol! hehe - I forgot about disbudding kids and training dogs =p but I have never strung fence and I have never even milked a cow (only goats). And, treadmills really scare me *really!*

    Karin ~ gadfry! I had no idea about the skiing, roller hockey, and racquetball! I am not surprised that you are still taking in the kitties =) nice! hehe - love the crumb comment *winks* and I know that it is true! roflol!

    Linda - *whew* you are braver than me! I won't ride a green broke horse =p roflol - though I did sit on one once - none of us knew that she had only been ridden a handful of times. And you can keep the bears! nono!

    Thank you, Beaded - and what a wonderful thing to want to do for the critters =) I have rescued an odd assortment of critters over the years.

    Awwww =) thanks, two oaks - I appreciate the kind comments *blushes* We should all try to be the best dang artists that we can - the world really needs some powerful and positive artwork! How fun that you work with the church kids =) You do manage to keep things in good order at MAG =) I am looking forward to when the meetings start up again!

    Marlene - what a great story about your duck! Nice to know that you spoil your doggie, too. I love that you have a Christmas tree farm, too =) hehe - I can butcher a chicken, but I can't cut one up worth beans! roflol!

    Wow - thanks for sharing! What fun to know each other better =)

  8. awesome post, thanks for sharing! I've always had a romantic notion about having a small farm, with goats and chickens, but the reality would probably overwhelm me, kudos to you!

  9. Fluffy? Love it...LOL Thank you so much for sharing yourself.

    Gee, where to begin?

    My overweight and age about the same this year!

    If I see it killed, skined, or named, there's no way I am going to eat it. When I was a youngun, I did help my relatives who lived across the street, collect the eggs when they were on vacation. :o)

    We live in a city, though nestled in an old neighborhood, the original part of our home being built in 1925, original windows and fireplace still working.

    Grew up in a house my step-father, grandfather, various relatives, and such built until I was 12 when one day, w/o notice, we were whisked away when our parents decided to split w/o telling us until we were in the car driving out of the driveway and that is how I ended up in Florida.

    I miss Cape Cod, New England especially. Love the coast of main.

    We have a boat and go catching, fishing is for loosers.

    Ignorance should be painful.

    Have an awful habit of seeing at least one car w/a rear light out while out and about, and have the irrestible compultion to tell the driver if I have the chance...ugh! Used to be lisence plates. Once I signaled a guy to roll his window down because the car in front of him had a consecutive plate. When I told him he said, "I know, that's my wife"!

    We have two grown "children", son = 30 and has decided that we are bad for his life and choses not to have a relationship w/us, and daughter = 22, who around Mother's Day told me that she was wrong and sorry, she is like me in many ways...ROTFLOL She is in college, keeps a job, and lives w/her boyfriend of 3 years.

    Thank you Kathy for the change to cleanse....LOL

    For more: http://tulipstalking.blogspot.com/2009/12/started-by-kathy-continued-here-getting.html


  10. Kathy, what a wonderful post! I feel like I know you just a little bit better, and like everything I know!

    Let's see...I live with my hubby and darling blond Scotty dog, on half an acre in the city. I love being in the city, but love being out in the country, too. When my oldest daughter was a kindergartener, we lived smack in the middle of the Santiam Pass in Oregon. She rode 20 miles to get to school, and for 10 of those miles she was the only kid on the bus!

    I've done the farm routine, as a kid in the Hood River Valley, with 80 acres of strawberries and orchard, dozens of chickens, a few rabbits, and a couple of goats. Oh, and hogs. I have butchered more chickens than I could ever count, and one entire hog.

    I fight "fluffy" every single day of my life, and am always on the verge. What saves me is the fact that if I put on enough weight to have a roll, or rolls, around my middle I am so physically uncomfortable that I'll do practically ANYTHING to get rid of them.

    This is my 2nd marriage, and our blended families comprise 7 grown kids, all married, 17 grandkids, all beautiful geniuses, and one adorable great-grandson we look forward to meeting. His little family will visit from New Zealand in May!

  11. Hey, Becky - hang on to your dream! It is a lot of work, but *small* is a good way to start! "Chickens in Your Backyard" and "Never Kiss a Goat on the Lips" are really good reads =) Nobody said you have to start with 30 chickens, a herd of goats and 40 acres *winks*

    Thanks for sharing, Lily - I love your blog post with all your tidbits about you! hehe - I had to read the fishing comment about six or seven times before I got it *rolls eyes* I can be such a dork! ROFLOL!

    Anitra - wow! a whole hog? that is a lot of work =p You really have lived way out in the country! I didn't know that there were blond Scotty dogs... Yes - aren't grandkids amazing! I think they are all born geniuses *winks* and totally cute, too! Have a wonderful visit with your GreatGrand =)

  12. LOL Kathy, I love reading about you! And what a cute picture to go along with it too!

    I am horrible at coming up with anything interesting about myself.

    I love my family and friends, and pray every night.

    I am an internet and computer game addict. I love art / photography, animals and wildlife. I love tv shows and movies.

    I've never lived on a farm, too many allergies, but love to read about your adventures on your farm!

  13. So fun to find out more about you, too, Pam =) Family and friends enrich our lives so much (including our cyber friends!) and I have often heard that 'a day hemmed in prayer will never come unraveled' *winks* I, too, am a net junkie and I love to play silly computer games =p I LOVE your photography - it always makes me smile! Glad you enjoy reading about the critters - it's fun to share their antics.

  14. I wonder what we ever did for fun before the world wide web! lol Thank you, I'm glad you LOVE my photography! I LOVE your art too!

  15. Good question, Pam! roflol! There may be a blog post in there somewhere ;-)

  16. What a great, wonderful, fabulous post that inspired so many in depth answers. I wrote a bit about myself on this blog post: http://splendidlittlestars.blogspot.com/2009/10/honestlyseriously.html
    I have always lived in the suburbs of a big city (3 different cities and states). When I was young I longed to live on a farm, loved the Little House books.

  17. I lived in big cities most of my life. I am really blessed to be where I am now. I loved the Little House books, too =) I tried to visit your blog post, but I couldn't seem to make the link work =( Sorry! Thanks for sharing!


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