Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I know what I am going to do to 'ring in the New Year' - have you made your plans already?

I will skip all of the New Year's Eve festivities and will undoubtedly go to bed early - such an exciting life I lead *winks*.  Then on Friday morning, I will dash over to my sister's house where we will carry on an ages old family tradition.  We will watch the Rose Bowl Parade!

We have an absolute fascination with the creation, construction, and mechanics of these amazing floats.  Of course, I also really like all of the horses!  My sis and her husband watch all of the bands with great interest and applaud those who had to raise their own money to attend and march in this great parade.

And then there are the munchies.  Our traditional breakfast is the cinnamon buns that our father loved.  If you like to make your own cinnamon buns, try this great recipe for Clone of a Cinnabon - it got rave reviews from my son-in-law when my daughter made them!

Another simple celebration with family - my favorite!  We will also celebrate Christmas that day, since we decided to wait until then to open our presents.  hehe - we really know how to stretch out a holiday!

What are you planning to do to celebrate the New Year?  Hope your New Year's Day is full of lots of fun, too! 

PS  This is part of the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnivals - The subject was to tell either what you will do this year to celebrate the New Year, or what you have done in the past.  hehe - I have done both in one post =D  since we are doing what we have always done! 


  1. Sounds terrific Kathy, I would stay home also but my daughter is having a party which I must attend. I say I must attend as I fear it is a surprise (big surprise) birthday party for Moi, I will be 60 on the 1st.

  2. Happy Birthday, Marlene *winks* 60 is survivable - Cynthia and I had a huge party for her 30 and my 60 - it was fun. I recommend chocolate be consumed *wink*wink*

  3. We will celebrate in our usual way - on New Year's Eve I make black-eyed peas; jambalaya and pork and sauerkraut - all in separate pots, of course! On New Year's day we cozy up and watch the Rose Bowl parade and my husband watches some football game while we eat our traditional dishes. This year a couple in our church family is having everyone over around noon for games and food. Hmmm....I just realized that the whole celebration seems to center around food. Cool! Happy New Year to you, Kathy!

  4. We love the Rose Bowl Parade too! When we lived in the Southern Cal area, we went to the parade. Waited all night (actually my hubby did) in the cold to get a good spot. And when you live there, you can watch the floats being built, in their various stages. After the parade, visitors can tour and see the floats up close for a couple of days. GREAT!

  5. Sounds great, especially the cinnamon rolls! Hear is to wishing you have a wonderful start to a New Year!!

  6. hehe - Karin - and mighty fine food, too =) I'll be by for leftovers *winks*

    Awesome, Linda! Wow! I can't imagine being in that crowd and actually seeing those huge floats. Could you smell the flowers?

    Thank you, NICO - and all the best to you, too!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  7. sounds great fun! Looove cinnamon buns! My kids always want to try and stay up, but usually crash about an hour shy, lol!
    Happy new Year!

  8. hehe - Becky - I quit trying to stay up many, many years ago =p Now I just get up in the morning and chow down while watching the parade with family =D

  9. Kathy - Enjoy your New Years eve, and have fun celebrating Christmas too, hope it is a Merry one!

    I will be staying home, maybe a movie and in bed as usual.

    Hey did you know New Years Eve is the 2nd full moon of the month, they call it a "Blue Moon" pretty cool!

    Marlene - Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Marlene, Happy Birthday to you...

  10. Thank you, Pam =) we are looking forward to it! My sis and I don't get together as often as we would like - we all seem to be very busy people =p Hope you enjoy your New Year's movie - I would fall asleep in the first five minutes - hehe.

    Thanks for sharing about the Blue Moon! I wondered what it was *rolls eyes at another dork moment* I looked to see if it was blue =p Now I know where that old saying comes from - once in a blue moon =)

  11. Thank you Kathy! The movie was ok, "Lies and Illusions" - I wouldn't watch it again it wasn't the best Christian Slater movie I have seen and Cuba Gooding Jr. as a bad guy was horribly fake! It was supposed to be a serious movie we just found it pretty funny!

    Tonight we watched "Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp, boy gotta love him! It was pretty good, little long and dark and drawn out from what I'm used to, but based on history it was probably correct.

    Have 2 more movies to watch soon!

  12. Pam - you are the movie queen *winks*


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