Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day!

If you are celebrating Boxing Day, I know that you had a bit of fun today! 

Me?  I am still trying to recover from all of the festivities of Christmas, so no Boxing Day shopping for me.  Maybe if you are shopping, you can find a cute little something like this tiny Christmas Tree that Mikayla made - out of a grape stem!  Isn't that fun?!

Anyway, I couldn't have joined in all the Boxing Day fun, because I had one of those funny country days where things start out one way, and then change course rapidly.  Guess if you are 'country minded' you sort of get used to that...  So, anyway, here's what happened ~

I started out the day with a lovely phone call to my neighbor, Lorie, and we caught up on all our 'Christmas' and 'neighbor' news.  Included in the news was the sad fact that a cat got one of the neighbor's birds.  This spurred me into instant action.  Now, for most people that is a sad situation; however, in the context of where we live the equation is a bit different.  Something like this...

cat = cougar
bird = emu
news = go put up the rest of the hot wire NOW!

So, I spent my day stringing (untangling and stringing!) wire for my electric fence.  Needless to say, everyone is all locked up tonight and the fence is all electric - just waiting to zap any unsuspecting kitty who might be eyeing my critters!

And, now, I am going to go recover from all my festivities - hehe - again!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great Boxing Day!


PS Just a side note - this was the first time that I actually got a section of hot wire done without a short somewhere, so I didn't even have to go back and fix it =)  woohoo!  Rather amazing since it had to be strung a little 'wonkie' in a couple of places =p  (no surprise about that,  huh?!)

PPSS  Um... and this did delay the post that I was really going to do today, so you will get all the news about our fun Christmas celebration tomorrow.  We did something really different!  Stay tuned for details tomorrow!  (ah, unless I have another interesting country detour =p)


  1. You have never ceased to amaze me Kathy! You are woman, and we hear you roar!!!

    Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe, "well" ... New Year!


  2. Kathy you are amazing (and funny). Thank you.

  3. hehe - Tulips - no, I don't think it was quite a roar - much more like a whine =p And if you knew how easy it is to string hot wire, you would laugh with me! ...absolutely no excuse for not having it already done... lol!

    Thanks, Marlene =) Glad I gave you a giggle or two ;-)

  4. I don't usually do much shopping on Boxing day, I am usually working as I was yesterday. But I did manage to get myself 2 very nice pairs of black dress pants for work, and a beautiful black & gray sweater, with my discount only $22 for all that! lol

    That is an awesome little Christmas tree, a grape stem, WOW!

    Wow I hope your critters (and you too) stay safe! Big cats like that scare me!

  5. Oohhh! Pam, that is a good deal! congrats on the great find =)

    Isn't that grape tree fun?!

    Yeah - I am not fond of having cats close, but the good thing is that they really don't like to be near people so they are busy avoiding contact.

  6. Yeah and $5 of it was a gift card I won too, lol I was very happy!

  7. That is indeed an unusual Boxing Day activity! And I don't know, honestly, whether to be glad we don't have cougars around, or sad that we live in the city where they aren't! (We do have raccoons. Do they count as wildlife, lol?)

  8. I live in the city, but I miss the country . . .cougars or not! when I lived in the country, we had bears to contend with.

  9. whoa, Pam - you rock! I am following you around next time I need to shop =p It will be worth the 'commute' *winks*

    Anitra - I think that racoons do count, the little rascals! They can be quite pesky from what I understand! lol!

    Linda - nono! no bears! I will take the occasional cougar, but NO bears! ewie!


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