Saturday, December 12, 2009

Freak Snow Storm Covers Paulden!

Wow - I went out to my little hay barn and *gasp* LOOK at ALL this snow!  I mean - that is one HUGE snow drift there!

What do you mean, you can't see the huge snow drift????

Okay - here's a close up of that lower left corner of the door!  I mean, we are talking huge here!

Woah!  just a few feet away and there's another huge snow drift!  I mean, this baby is about to take over the world there.

And, look at this!  My little door is practically frozen shut with all that ice!

Huh.  Was that you laughing?  Hey, I am not feeling the sympathy here.  It was like really cold out there and like all those huge snow drifts and all...  Hey - where are you going?  Wow - I don't think I have ever seen anyone laugh that hard over a huge snow storm before....  huh.

Think I'll go grab some hot chocolate and warm up.  Wow, it's got to be about 40F out there...  at least....  I think I need another cord of wood.

Hope you are toasty and warm!


  1. How horrible for you Kathy! I will pray the snow does not take you over. Do you have enough Hot Chocolate in the house in case you get snowed in or worse frozen in?

    Seriously now thanks for the laugh.

  2. So... what are you going to make with that cord of wood?

  3. LOL Yes that was me laughing! Beautiful snow drifts! :)

  4. Thanks, Marlene - I may have to call the National Guard for some more hot chocolate...

    hehe, Martha - a bon fire? *laughs* Seriously, I have a wood stove and I usually have a fire burning most days in the winter. The stove I have is designed to heat the house and it does a great job!

    Other than that, stacking the cord wood offers me endless sculptural opportunities =p and a chance to explore the 3-D art world ;-)

    I thought of you, dear Pam, when I saw those snow drifts - and, as I know that you have never seen such huge snow drifts up in Canada, I thought I would share them with you *winks and ducks as Pam chucks a snowball!*

  5. We haven't had any snow so your snow drifts are WAY bigger than ours! LOL!

  6. Too Funny!! We did get snow this week... lots... and lots of wind which equaled a blizzard! :) You have some great drifts! ;)

    Jennifer - new CAST member

  7. Aw - finally! Someone who is giving me a little sympathy =) Thanks, Beaded!

    Hehe, Jennifer - I am a real wimp with the cold! I have too many blankets on my bed to count and when I go outside, I look like the little kid in the snowsuit - and that's in the spring =p (ps - welcome to CAST =) It's a fun place to be!)

  8. Oh seriously crack me up!!!
    Our drifts this last snow storm were about 4-5' (yes FEET) tall! And the wind chill at night was 20 below!!!
    Stay warm in that 40 degree weather...LOL :)

  9. Kathy, oh Kathy, do wake up! It's just a nightmare - there are no snow drifts by your door.

    That was funny! We haven't had a snowstorm yet (thank God!) just ice, sleet and flurries. Brrr...

  10. OH! You poor baby! I pray that you have plenty of provisions inside, because you are never going to get out of that mess!
    LOL! You silly girl...

    Just for the record-what you have there is about ALL the snow I ever want to see again! Not a big fan of the white stuff :o)

    Snowball fight anyone???

    xixix, Daff

  11. Kathy! Nope won't hit you, but may chuck a snowball at you! Eh! LOL

  12. memories *winks* I will send you some of this heat wave that we are having!

    Oh, Yolanda! *whew* thanks!!! *fans self with both hands*

    Awwww - see, I knew some people would give me some sympathy! Thanks, Daffy =) *tosses melting snowball to Daff*

    I think so, Carol!!!

    *ducks as Pam tosses a snowball*

  13. that is hilarious!
    thanks for the laugh.

    peace on earth~

  14. You are welcome, Chuck - hehe - laughing warms me up just about as much as shivering does =p I have plenty of cocoa now, so I am set for the next big snow storm!


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