Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Dickens Christmas ~ The Spirit of Chirstmas Treasure Hunt

Welcome to The Spirit of Christmas Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt!

Want to know a secret? I love the “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens! It is probably my favorite story of all time - and I mean the book, not Hollywood’s many versions! Wicked old Mr. Scrooge - haunted by three spirits on Christmas Eve sent by his dead business partner - all for his reclamation. It’s a wonderful, well written story full of Charles Dickens wit and humor.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t like any of the Christmas Carol movies at all! Here are a few from my collection *winks* and, yes, I usually watch them all during the Christmas season. It’s really hard to pick my favorite Christmas Carol movie because there have been some really good ones. I think that George C. Scott made a great Scrooge. But you should check out the Muppet Christmas Carol - hysterical and still pretty close (by muppet standards! lol!) to the book - and it has one of the most creepy Spirit of Christmas past ghosts. I have versions dating from 1938 forward including both British and American productions. Alistair Sims makes a very good Scrooge in the 1951 Christmas Carol movie. That movie has some special effects that were pretty amazing for the time.

It’s true! My Christmas Spirit is raised and fed by this wonderful story by Mr. Dickens. It’s a short little book – check it out from your local library and enjoy a Spirited read during this holiday season! I’m off right now to find out what Scrooge thinks of the Ghost of Christmas Present as I curl up with Mr. Dickens’ book and a cup of hot chocolate.
On your way to the library, be sure to pause and comment on our blogs for a chance to win some great artwork.

How simple is it to win some treasure in our Treasure Hunt? This simple!

Comment at least once at each of the 6 blogs by December 11, at 12am EST to be eligible to win one or more ACEO's. One winner will be chosen from each blog.
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Happy Treasure Hunting!

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Just in case you did not know, ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are small works of art that are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm), roughly the size of a standard playing card. Check out my blog post for more information about ACEOs and why I like them so much!


  1. I remember watching The Christmas Carole as a child and being a bit scared and thrilled to watch it. Looks like you have a great colection going there.

  2. They are so much fun! and, yes, some of them can be quite scary. I like the older ones the best =)

  3. i love george c scott the best! my traditional holiday movie is "it's a wonderful life... i adore jimmy stewart. i don't think i've ever read the christmas carol book but you planted a seed....

  4. A Christmas Carol is first and foremost, then I like It's a Wonderful Life, and last but certainly not least is A Christmas Story (I think that's the name) with the cute little blond boy wearing glasses that wants a bb gun.

  5. patk - I like "It's a Wonderful Life", too. Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors! Hey - go grab a copy of The Christmas Carol - it is a very quick read =)

    Marlene - I have seen the Christmas Story - but I do like "It's a Wonderful Life" - Clarence is just hysterical!

  6. I love the Christmas Carol, but have never read the book. I am not much of a reader! I have seen a few versions. Hey have you seen the musical with Kelsey Grammer, I really enjoy that one as I love musicals! My mom likes one of the older versions best!

  7. I don't know if I have seen that one, Pam - roflol! I will have to go check out the 'stack' that I have and see if it is in there =) I watched the Muppet Christmas Carol and I have several of those song trapped in head now! hehe!

  8. I was searching for Christmas movies on my Tivo last night, came across a lot of Christmas Carol movies. Even one for All Dogs go to Heaven and one for Duck Tales or something like that! Would be fun to watch all the different versions!

    I can transfer movies to my computer and burn them so I was looking for all my favorite tv movies for Christmas!

  9. Sounds like fun, Pam =) There's a really old Mickey Mouse cartoon one where Uncle Scrooge plays Scrooge and Mickey is Bob Crachit. It's funny!

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