Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a surprise - look what I found!!!

Surprise, surprise!!! Look what I found today!

For my retrospective art show at The Frame & I, Russ wanted me to bring in this little pencil drawing of the jockey on a race horse. I remember when my Mom and Dad let me put that in a REAL picture frame with GLASS in it and HANG IT ON THE WALL in my bedroom. Hot stuff for a horse crazy nine year old budding artist! This was the first piece of my artwork that was ever framed. And, yes, that is the original frame!

Well, framing has changed a bit over the years and now we know that cardboard is not the best backing material for artwork. I didn’t want to change the frame because I am hopelessly sentimental and I love this little drawing just the way that Mom and Dad framed it for me. However, I thought that I would upgrade the cardboard and slip a piece of rag mat board in the back. And, in the process – look at what I found! I guess it pays to peek into old frames now and then!

Both of these little gems were done when I was around nine years old. The jockey on the horse is from an old Walter Foster “How to Draw Horses” book – no surprise, I still have the book! I must have drawn every single creation in that book at least once. The palomino was copied from a post card that I bought when we went on vacation to Wisconsin. I brought back several horse post cards and several Breyer horses – much to my delight and no surprise to my parents. Small wonder that I chose to copy this post card, since I was fascinated with Roy Rogers and Trigger.

I think even back then I knew that I would grow up to have my own Trigger!

And I tell Hershey that every spring when he sheds out his shaggy winter coat and turns to his beautiful honey summer color.

Hope you have some dreams come true, too!




  1. Wow what an awesome find! Beautiful drawings!

  2. What a wonderful find and sounds like a great trip down memory lane! You were talented even at 9 years old!

  3. Oh! That is so precious! I'm glad you looked :-)

    Do you still have your Breyers? I have about 300 of them (hee!). Maybe some day I'll trade them in for a real horse.

  4. roflol! purple - that is too funny! I still have my entire horse collection, but it is not nearly as large as yours *winks* though occasionally I do still add to it!

    Thank you, Pam and Beaded =)

  5. What wonderful treasures!
    I can get lost for hours in old art work and photos!

  6. I can't stop smiling! What a fun, heart-warming experience. You are exceptionally talented.

    The ladies at the frame shop just love my new treasures. Looking forward to showing you... *hehe*

  7. how wonderfully nostalgic! no wonder you don't want to change the frame,lol!
    you were pretty good for a 9 year old, and nice to see your passion for horses never waned.

  8. What a beautiful surprise for a beautiful sister!
    I hope your show is a huge success, and you are blessed beyond measure!

    xoxox, Daffy

  9. How cool to find the older art work behind the jockey! Those kind of surprises are the best! I love palominos too - I always chose a big old palomino named Honey when I went riding with my Grandpa Jerry.

  10. That is really neat, Kathy. What a find. :)

  11. Awww!!! Your drawings are beautiful and that's so cool how you found them years later. And you still love horses!

  12. memories - I can, too - maybe that's why I don't get as much done in a day as I think I should!

    TC - it was VERY fun! and a nice surprise!

    Tulip's =) How fun! I can't wait to see what you choose - so glad you like them!

    Thanks, pink - I love horses even more today than I did when I was younger *laughs* and I was wild about horses as a kid!

    Thanks, Daffy =) bless you!!!

    How fun, Karin - I didn't remember that your Uncle Jerry had horses. It was a very happy surprise *big smile*

    Thanks, Carole - glad you liked them!

    Thanks, Yolanda - I'm so glad that you like the drawings =) And, yes - I am still totally horse crazy! I love my 'babies' - they give me such joy! =D

  13. I'm a little late getting in here. How cool is that - you were very talented then and now. Good luck with the show.

  14. It's amazing the talent has grown, and the subject matter has always been there. Very sentimental and beautiful.

  15. Thanks, Marlene =) I am looking forward to the show!

    Thanks, Beth - glad you enjoyed them =)

    Thanks, Pam - yep, still horse crazy! and still love art =) I think I 'on a roll' there! lol!

  16. What an excellent find. I always enjoy going through my parents things. ;0) Mom is great about keeping sentimental tidbits form my childhood. It means so much.

  17. Verdant - so very true - it is fun to share these treasures!


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