Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Threads of Art ~ Fabric of My Life Treasure Hunt

Welcome to The Fabric of My Life Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt where you will learn a little bit about the pieces of the quilt of my life.

Many of you know that I recently retired from the picture framing business to pursue my art full time, but do you know when I first took part in framing a picture?

This is the first oil painting that my mother did in the first painting class that she took.  When she brought the painting home, my father told her that he liked it very much and said that she should get it framed.  Mom went to Painter's Warehouse in Phoenix where she chose the framing for this painting - with the help of her 14 year old daughter who felt very important!  I love this painting and although Mom's skills improved over the many years that she painted this will always be very special to me because of the memories of that very fun day.  It hung in a prominant place in every home that they had and it now hangs in a place of honor in my home.  By the way, this was framed in 1963 and she took classes from Paul Coze who created a number of rather well known pieces of artwork in Phoenix, Arizona.

How simple is it to win some treasure in our Treasure Hunt? This simple!
Comment at least once at each of the 6 blogs by November 6th at 12am EST to be eligible to win 1 or more ACEO's. One winner will be chosen from each blog.

Have fun!

Allie is your next stop on the Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~

Visit Allie's delightful blog here: http://www.allieart4children.blogspot.com/

and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop here: http://www.allieart4children.etsy.com/


Just in case you did not know, ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are small works of art that are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm), roughly the size of a standard playing card. Check out my blog post for more information about ACEOs and why I like them so much!


  1. What a lovely tribute to your Mom. I can see that talent comes naturally to you through your MOM. :)

  2. Kathy that is so sweet. That is a picture to treasure. I have several afghans my mom made that I would never part with as when I put them around me I can feel her hug.

  3. your mom had talent! what a beautiful memory you have, and a cherished piece of artwork.
    thanks you for sharing

  4. what a beautiful piece of art to keep for a lifetime....as well as the memory! it's these things that give our lives true meaning!

  5. Oh my gosh! Kathy, I nearly keeled over... and then started crying when I saw this!! What memories that brings back. Oh my, I am still dripping all over keyboard. Oh. I had no idea you had that painting - I have often told people that your Mom gave me an intense appreciation and love of sunflowers and this was the painting that did it! You have made my day!

  6. Carole - thank you! Both of my parents were talented artists.

    Marlene - I feel the same way about Mom's paintings!

    Thanks, pink =) I'm glad you liked it!

    patk - I agree with you completely =)

    Oh, Karin! I love this painting so much =) I am so glad that you remember it from so long ago. I would be happy to make a print of this for you if you would like - I know that Mom would have been pleased to know that liked her painting!

  7. The painting your mom did in her first painting class is fantastic. I love the sunflower!! I bet you have some really wonderful paintings that she painted. How wonderful that you have that particular painting in a special place in tribute to her and your special memories.

  8. Audrey - I do enjoy her paintings very much - she was a very talented artist!

  9. What a beautiful painting by your mom. It's wonderful that you have those memories and that you still have it hanging in your home!

  10. Kathy I would like nothing better than to have a print - even a teensy one! Your Mom was an inspiration to me in so many ways - and she was so very kind and understanding at a time when I really needed that in my life. Seeing that painting just really hit me between the eyes and brought such a flood of memories, I can't find the words to describe it! I know she always down-played her talent, and this painting when I admired it, but she was truly a very talented artist - and I am so glad she passed that particular gene on to you!

  11. Thanks, Pam - it is something that gives me great joy every time I see it!

    Aw, Karin - pass the tissues, please! *sniffles and smiles!*

  12. Again, Kathy - what a treasure for your family!

  13. The painting is so awesome....if this was her first painting, i wonder what gems she came up with later!

  14. Thanks, Allie =)

    Thanks, Noble ~ I blogged about one of my Mom's later paintings on Mother's Day =)


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