Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plan to pause...

What did you hear this morning?  Were you hurried?  distracted?

This morning, instead of working with Billie Jane, I decided to just 'pause' and have what we call 'undemanding time'.  I just sat on the edge of her feeder and listened...

I heard her munching her hay...

then I heard one of the local pilots take off from a nearby dirt air strip...

then a flock of finches stopped to munch and sip on their way south - with a silver fluttering of wings, they were gone...

the emus began 'thrumming' to each other...

the peahen called 'good morning'....

And, now, the clock is ticking quietly - reminding me to take time to pause more often.

Hope you had a blessed day - and that you paused to enjoy it!


  1. Now that sounds wonderful! I just had 2 crazy days. But pausing, even if only for a moment, is so vital.

  2. Nice! I paused on the sofa with my cat purring last night. The kids were keeping themselves busy but quiet. Loved it so much, I fell asleep ;)

  3. Stop and smell the roses.......we just don't do this often enough. It has got to be more rejuvinating than just about anything. A lovely post, Kathy. Wish I could have been there enjoying all of those sounds with you. :)

  4. Yes, Splendid - even a few minutes can refresh!

    Funny, Beth - definitely a good pause ;-)

    It was, Pam - and very refreshing!

    So very true, Carole!

  5. Sounds like that was a lovely moment :)

  6. It was, Rose - and very refreshing and energizing!


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