Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not Wordless Wednesday

Yes...  That is a rat!  That cute little dress in the background belongs to Mikayla (eldest granddaughter) who is the very happy caretaker of two little rat companions that she got for her birthday.

Nope.  This is not the other little ratsie.  This is an arial view of the same one.  Do you know how fast they move?  Hey, my horses stand still for me, okay!   and I already confessed that I am not the best photographer out there....  Um...  so I am still working on getting a picture of Chocolate.  But here is Chip - hehe, Mikayla named them.  Chip is a naked rat.  Yep.  I think they seriously call them Naked Rats.

Actually, she has a bit of peach fuzz and she is really fun to watch.  And Mikayla is very happy with her little furry and furless companions.  I think I did pass on my animal loving 'gene' there *winks*



  1. They are cute! I've seen furless cats before but never a furless rat. I always think of Joey on Friends who called Rachel's hairless cat an "inside out cat"!

  2. He's so cute :)
    I always wanted a mouse/rat growing up, but my mom is deathly afraid. Maybe I need one now :)

  3. My son had a rat pet growing up and believe it or not, they are great pets. Very playful, very happy to be a fur/furless furbaby...LOL

  4. Both the girls are having a lot of fun with them! They are very curious and friendly.

  5. Very cute - and judging by their names, I believe Mikayla also inherited your chocolate gene! We had lots of different pets when I was growing up, but were forbidden any rodent-types and cats but we had monkeys, parrots, parakeets, dogs, lizards and rabbits.

  6. Linda - they are very affectionate!

    Thanks, Pam =)

    Wow - Karin, that is quite a list1 I didn't know you had monkeys or lizards!

    It is lots of fun, Carole =)


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