Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Father was an Artist ~ The Fabric of My Life Treasure Hunt

Welcome to The Fabric of My Life Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt where you will learn a little bit about the pieces of the quilt of my life.

Another little fun fact about me is that both of my parents were very talented artists.  My father served in the Navy during WWII and after he returned home, he went to school in Los Angeles where he studied Business Interior Design.  These are some of the watercolor studies that he submitted as part of his class assignments.

This looks like such an inviting room - it makes me want to grab my hot chocolate and curl up in the chair with a good book.

I love these watercolor studies of home and business interiors that my Dad did. The black and white artwork in the larger mats is an architectural floor plan with wall details of the rooms.  I remember my father showing me some of his other artwork when I was in grade school and first exploring watercolor.  He bought me my first set of Grumbacher watercolor paints not too long after that conversation.

Dad did not pursue a career in interior design after all - he went to work for First National Bank instead.  He worked in many departments within the bank; however, and when I was working at a gallery he happened to be working in the interior design department within the bank.  It was a delightful experience to work on a professional level with my father.  He would let me know what he needed in the way of artwork for the paticular branch or office and I would search our resources and inventory to find the perfect pieces to complement his interior.  It was definitely an experience and a memory that I treasure!

The Treasure Hunt has ended and the prizes all awarded!!!
(((How simple is it to win some treasure in our Treasure Hunt? This simple!
Comment at least once at each of the 6 blogs by November 6th at 12am EST to be eligible to win 1 or more ACEO's. One winner will be chosen from each blog.)))

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Happy Treasure Hunting!

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Just in case you did not know, ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are small works of art that are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm), roughly the size of a standard playing card. Check out my blog post for more information about ACEOs and why I like them so much!


  1. Now there is something I did not know about your Dad! How cool! I wonder if our old HS still has my "blueprints" and everything for the house I had to design as a final test in Interior Design. Mrs. Rourke asked me for it after I graduated so she could use it as a sample. That is so neat that you have those - great memories!

  2. Kathy that is so great that you have your dad's work. The rooms are wonderful, I really like the one looking into the room through the "arch".

  3. Wow, Karin - I didn't know that you did that =) Life is full of surprises, isn't it! Dad was very creative in many ways.

  4. it's so wonderful to be able to keep these forever! what talent your dad had! since he did not continue in interior design, did he continue his art personally?

  5. patk - Dad did not continue to paint, but he was an incredible gardner. Every home my parents lived in had the most beautiful landscaping that you can imagine! He even grew a magnolia tree in Phoenix, AZ because my mother, who was from the South, loved them. Amazing!

  6. Marlene - Thanks - I am really blessed to have these! They are so beautiful - they make me want to be in the rooms.

  7. What a talent your father had. Those paintings are beautiful!

  8. How great to have artistic parents! Luckily my aunts gave me some of their talent :)

  9. Kathy - what a wonderful connection to have with your father! It makes your incredible talent even more special! Your father's work is also wonderful! I would also like to curl up with a good book in the green room - looks so safe and welcoming!

    Thank you so much for your email!

  10. I can see your Dad's influence in the mood of your art. Isn't that fun?

  11. Yes, your Dad's green thumb is what I recall, along with the ragtime music he would play for me when I was at your house (and yes, I do recall your eye-rolling at the time!).

  12. What a wonderful story about your Dad! How great that you got to work with him professionally!

  13. This post brought tears to my eyes...your dad's extremely talented...i can see where you get it father like daughter!

  14. Yes, Pam ~ Dad was very talented in many ways!

    memories ~ fun that you have artistic aunts to share your talent with =)

    I agree, Allie ~ Dad's work is amazing!

    Wind ~ there is a definite similarity in the way that we paint. It is really noticable when you see our originals side by side.

    Remembrances *rolls eyes & winks*

    Thanks, Rose!

    Thanks, splendid! It is a memory that I treasure =)

    Aw - thank you, Noble!

  15. your father was talented, those are beautiful paintings and drawings!
    I like the story of how you both worked together when he worked in the interior design department. Those are wonderful memories :-)

  16. Thanks, pink - it was a lot of fun! We both enjoyed it a great deal =)

  17. Wow, no wonder you are so talented.

  18. Aw - thank you, Carole =) I had very wonderful parents in so many different ways!

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