Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is this weird? or what? ~ Fabric of My LIfe Treasure Hunt

Okay ~ seriously ~ well, maybe not seriously!  But here are some tidbits about me that are part of the tapestry of my life ~ you can judge if they are funky or funny!

  • One of my quirks is that I don't like to have my picture taken - unless it is by my grandchildren *laughs*
  • I always let Mikayla and Naomi play with my camera ~ this picture of me was taken by Naomi when she was two years old.  Not bad, huh?!
  • I tried to fix my mother's computer one time ~ only to discover that she had put all of her programs into the 'trash can' on her desk top and then emptied it.  Nope, I didn't get it fixed.  Mom said that it was very satisfying to delete everything since the computer had annoyed her so badly that day...  Wonder where I get my sense of humor?
  • I got my first horse (actually for my daughter, Cynthia, for 4-H, but we shared!) when I was 42 years old.  At 23, Jane was no 'spring chicken' either, but she was free!
  • I had a snake in my house once.  Not in a cage and not by invitation - it just slithered in through some hole that I hope I found *shivers*  My neighbor rescued me.  Tim came over, caught it, and tossed it out into the field.  It was not poisonous, but that did not stop the adrenaline rush which raised my voice about 3 octaves and put my verbage on fast forward.  I didn't know I could talk that fast and make no sense at the same time =p 
  • I love to take pictures and I am very seldom without my camera (except when there is a snake in the house!).  Even though I love to take pictures, I have been known to take some of the worst pictures that you have ever seen...  Good thing that I am a painter and not a photographer!
  • Mikayla (my oldest grandchild), who just turned 6 years old, got two delightful, fun pets for her birthday (no photos posted yet because I will see them for the first time today!).  Chocolate and Chip (she named them) are two little rats.  One is a hairless rat and the other one is hairy - you can guess which name goes with which hair style *winks*  I think I passed on my mother's sense of humor!
  • I rarely wear anything except jeans and a t-shirt.  Unless it is winter - then I wear jeans and a sweater =p  I am still wondering what I can drag out of the closet to wear to the reception for my art show November 20th.  I don't think I had better do the jeans thing!  roflol!
  •  I hate to get my hair cut.  It's not that I want long hair - I really don't.  It's just that I have a really hard time finding someone who can cut my hair.  The last time I got three bad haircuts for the price of one.  Bless Shelby's heart!  She fixed it *big smile*
  • I call Shelby and Bethany my nieces and they call me Aunt Kathy.  Their mom and I have known each other since Vicki was in labor with Bethany and I was just pregnant with Cynthia.  We still visit whenever we can and sometimes our families spend Christmas together.  It's lots of fun!  Oh, yeah - Vicki and I aren't married to the same people that we were married to when we met.  She is now married to my ex - husband.  You should have seen the fun that Vicki and I had at their wedding!  hehe - Bob survived, too *laughs*  Seriously - we all are good friends and it is kind of fun for us to see the reactions that we get when other people find out that Bob and I were once married. 
The Fabric of My Life is a bit threadbare in some places and full of color in other places - just like any quilt.  Hope you have enjoyed these little patches!  So, what to you think?  funky?  funny?  or just plain nuts!  lol!


How simple is it to win some treasure in our Treasure Hunt? This simple!
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Happy Treasure Hunting!
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  1. I have to go with all of the above! :)

  2. And I have to say you have not changed a bit - nope, not one iota!

  3. What a great post! I loved learning little tid bits about your life :)

  4. Things are so crazy right now that I don't know that I'll get to the other blogs - but I had a lot of fun learning more about you!

  5. Such a fun post! I enjoyed learning more about you!

  6. it doesn't get better than this! i love your post. i used to come home from work to find my husband & my ex husband having coffee! they became great friends after they beat each other up! lol

  7. I am thinking all of the above also, but would expect no less from you - I love your sense of humor and it is a good thing that it is passed on.

  8. How fun and interesting. Just from the things you listed, it seems you have a great outlook on life and enjoy it to the fullest.
    That is great! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Following the trail of treasure, a ghiti stops by to say hi! ^_^

    According to your tidbits, I think you are pretty normal :D.

  10. Kathy you are so much fun! lol It's great to learn more about you!

    I bet the rats are cute! I have a friend who loves rats and sends pictures often, I never would have called them cute before I met her!

    LOL hysterical, my word verifications is...

    ratsc ha ha ha

  11. I hate getting my haircut too...most hairdressers don't really understand what i am trying to say and i end up looking like a fool!

  12. Look out, Cynthia ;-) It might be hereditary!

    hehe, Karin - I think I have to agree... haven't changed, just amplified =p

    Thanks memories, Rose & beaded! Glad you enjoyed learning how crazy I am =p

    ROFLOL!!! I love that, patk! hehehe! Yep, I can see where that could happen! lol!

    Yes, Marlene, I know that it has been passed on - I am the recipient of the humor as well as the dispensor! lol!

    Indeed, Audrey! I do enjoy life very much and find each day precious and full of blessings from the Lord =)

    Woohoo! Incog! one vote for normal! LOL! I thought the only 'normal' around here was under 'n' in the dictionary %-}

    ROFLOL - Pam, that is too funny about the verification! =p The rats must have planned it! I understand that they are VERY smart! I'm not sure what is cuter - the rats or the girls playing with the rats! LOL!

    Yeah, Noble - I keep thinking that I should cut it myself and save a lot of money on the bad haircut =p I don't think I could do too much worse! LOL!

  13. I have enjoyed every little tidbit.

  14. Thanks, Carole - I am so glad that after sharing all of that - I still have friends *laughs*

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