Monday, November 23, 2009

Good fences, make good neighbors...

Everyone knows the importance of having a fence when you have dogs, but imagine the importance when you have livestock.  It grows geometrically not arithmetically *she said, flashing her small math knowledge*.

Anyway, the need for fences gets huge when you have huge critters.  However, gates are nice when you have good neighbors.  *big smile* I have great neighbors!  We have several gates between our properties.

So, imagine our dismay when we constantly found one gate open.  Kids?  well, proabably not, because they grew up in the country and they KNOW the importance of shutting what was shut and leaving open what was open.  Besides, the kids have been around for a while and the gate has only recently been consistently left open.  Dogs?  well, possibly because one doggie can 'weasel' through the field fence so she does go back and forth between our properties.  One dog is very protective of all of us and all the livestock, but, since she is a Great Pyrenees, she can not 'weasel' through the field fence.  The guilty finger was pointed at her and a chain was added to the fence.

Enter a little visiting time - a fun gathering of a bunch of us just hanging out.  I had not put the chain on the gate when I came over because I knew that I would be returning home soon.  All of a sudden we heard the gate rattle and looked over to see it wide open.  Dog?  nope!  Dog who could 'weasel' through the fence was in her pen.  Great Pyrenees was peacefully reclining at our feet.  No other dogs in sight.  The culprit?  The evidence was there - caught in the act!

I mean, really!  Who would think that a pea hen could open a gate???  Never crossed my mind!  roflol!  Guilty finger now pointed at the right critter, and all others exonerated due to the incredible number of witnesses.  And the chain will stay on the gate!

Yep, just have to love country life =p and all the critters that go with it!



  1. At least the mystery is solved! How funny it was a pea hen though!

  2. Live around your place sounds very interesting and busy too!

    What is a Pea Hen? Female peacock?

  3. Hilarious! What a little bird brain :-)

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  5. Funny - you very seldom have a post that does not make me chuckle.
    I laughed at the peahen as my mother in law had some and they were always raising havoc with the neighbors (she did not live in the country but on 5 acres in the middle of a residential neighborhood where all the surrounding homes were on city size lots. I'll let your vivid imagination fill in the blanks.

  6. BeadedTail - it was funny to find out that she was doing that!

    Tulips Talking - it sure can be fun - keeps me on my toes for sure! And, yes, a peahen is the lady bird for the peacock. Originally Lorie (my neighbor) had a pair. She clipped their wings and settled them in her barn. The peacocks are very territorial and once they claim a place as home they like to stay there. The next morning she found out that he had walked back to his previous home! Penne - our lovely pea hen - stayed and follows the guineas on their rounds.

    Totally true, Carole!

    hehe, funny, Chistine!

    Rose - she used to fly up to the neighbor's shed and then down into their yard. I think she got lazy when she realized that she could fly to the top of the gate and then jump into their yard.

    Thanks, Beth =)

    Anonymous - interesting comment - I have a friend whose dog would not respond to the invisible fence and was hit by a car. Perhaps they have improved over the years. At any rate, here it wouldn't work because I am sure that the invisible fence is not suitable for goats or horses. Thanks for your input, though!

    Marlene ROFLOL!!!! I am not sure what would raise more havoc! LOL! noise? traveling to the neighbors? hidden little nests with huge eggs? We figure that our guineas range over about 35 acres - I am not sure if the peahen follows them all of the way or not.

  7. That was too funny, Pam. She flew to the top of the gate (four feet) and when she took off to land in Lorie's yard, she pushed on the gate hard enough to bounce it open! roflol! If we hadn't been standing there, I don't think we would have ever figured it out!


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