Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friends are the flowers in my garden of life!

I have a friend who has much more than I do, and we share.
I have a friend who has much less than I do, and we share.

I have a friend who struggles with a chronic disease, which makes me grateful for the health that I do have.
I have a friend who complains about minor health problems, which makes me be silent about the difficulties that I have.

I have a friend who constantly lifts me up by her words, which makes me want to lift others up with every word that I say.
I have a friend who speaks sharply on occasion, which makes me want to curb my quick tongue.

I have a friend who constantly surprises everyone with little acts of kindness. I want to splash that kind of joy in the lives of others!
I have a friend who casts bitter disappointment my way, and doesn’t even know it. I want to think before I speak or act.

I have a friend who is always waiting, always ready to have a conversation with me. I want to give that kind of time to my friends.
I have a friend whose time is limited and we scarcely have a chance to visit. I want to share precious minutes with my friends even when I am extremely busy.

I have many friends who enrich my world. They are, indeed, the flowers in the garden of my life. I thank the Lord for all of my friends!

Iron sharpens Iron,
And one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17
God bless,



  1. 2 little words... so true. thanks!

  2. an amazing post! Thanks for sharing that. There really is a reason for many different kinds of people in our lives.

  3. I have a friend (Kathleen) who always speaks encouragement and blessings, and makes me want to be like her because she is like Jesus!

    xoxoxo, Daffy

  4. Very wise words from a very wise woman.

  5. Thank you, patk =)

    Thanks, Carole!

    Thanks, Splendid - I agree - and they all are important to nudge us along =)

    Thank you, Audrey =)

    Thank you, Daffy! It is easy to see His reflection in you =)

    Thanks, Marlene - the Praise goes only to the Lord! I just type.

  6. This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for letting us read.

  7. I am delighted that you stopped by, Anitra =) Happy that others like to read what I am sharing!

  8. Great post Kathy. Friends are precious!

  9. You have touched my life dear Kathy, has to be God working His wonders...

    It has been sure a pleasure to my life getting to know you w/o ever having met you.

  10. THat has always been one of my favorite verses :)

  11. What a wonderful poem! Thanks so much for sharing :) We should all live by these words!

  12. Yes, Anastasia - friends are very precious - including cyber friends!

    Tulips - indeed! The Lord moves his people together in many ways - including through the maze of the cyber world. What an Awesome God we have =)

    Karin - Amen! hehe - silver, gold and cyber!

    Mine, too, Rose - God has used many friends in my life to 'sharpen' me in a variety of ways =)

    Thank you, Graceful =)

    Thank you, memories!

  13. Thank you, Linda =) Glad you stopped by!


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