Monday, November 30, 2009

***ACK*** Oh, my.....

Huh, mouse is not working right...

hey...  reboot.

what?  black screen?


ah...  white screen?

ummm....  ****ACK****

oh, no. mondo computer crash...

Well, I will be out of the blogging cyber world until this is fixed (yep, I am next door right now borrowing a computer...  don't think they want me to move in though....)

Hey - we might as well have some fun while I am 'out of pocket' as my sis would say.  So here's the deal!  Comment on this thread of when (day and hour and minute) you think that I will be back on line.  The one with the closest guess will win a little original art gem from me =)  Happy guessing!

And here's hoping that you will have to guess fast! 


PS my etsy shop is on vacation mode until I get this all fixed...


  1. Ha, Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm.
    I hope I stay up and running, I hav been having a few bugs visit me also.

  2. ACK is right, no fun. Well I know computer problems can last a while and I hope you will be back some day soon, but...

    I'll guess Thursday 2pm your time what ever that may be. lol

    Miss you...

  3. It's me =p but, no, I am not up and running. Black is not a good color for a monitor *whines and pouts*

    Keep on guessing! Each guess will give you another chance to win a little goodie from me =)

    And thanks for the encouragement!!!


  4. Woohoo! I am back *winks* you win, Pam!!!

  5. Kathy! Thanks, but there were only 3 guesses though! Why don't you save your prize and run a proper contest with it! :) My prize will be having you back! *winks*

  6. hehe - I will surprise you one of these days, Pam *winks*


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