Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunflowers... fascinating!

I am amazed by the way that sunflowers follow the sun.  I photographed them this summer - morning, noon and night - and I could see the progress that they made in a single day.  Relentless.  Constant.  Never distracted by wind or rain.   Turning their leaves, stems and flowers to follow the sun from the time that they were a small seedling to the time that they were full grown.  Only when they were withered and dry did they stop following the sun.

Yep - I think there is a message for me in the sunflowers.

If any one serves Me, he must follow Me...  John 12:26a

God bless,


  1. I love Sunflowers! they are so beautiful! Amazing how tall they can get too!

  2. I lvoe sunflowers! Beautiful and you can find some many different angles that make them look so different.

  3. This blog post has touched me so...

  4. sunflower is an amazing plant.. we have sunflower fields in Thailand.. so beautiful...

  5. That is really neat and a beautiful shot too.

  6. Thanks, Carole =) It was amazing to watch them every day.

    Patch - I agree - fields of them are spectacular!

    Tulip's Talking - thank you! To His glory =)

    Pam - indeed! This one is quite tall and very large.

    Quilt Workds - very true! Because of how tall this is, I was aiming my camera up to it.


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