Thursday, October 1, 2009

Strolling through the library again...

...and I found a very fun book!

I have to admit, my ACEO Bounty Challenge friends, *winks* I thought of our fun challenge thread on Etsy and I could see lots of new challenges coming out of this book!  On closer inspection, I have found lots of great illustrations and ideas for new paintings.  This book covers lots of different styles of painting and many different subjects.  If you are stuck on what to do next - grab a copy and get inspired.  To my photographer friends - you might enjoy the selection of subjects, the interesting angles, and combinations of textures that are explored in this book.

Hey - it's on - and I am posting the link here because you can see some of the pages inside the book (no, I don't get anything from amazon if you buy stuff =p  I just found it listed on there).  Check out your local library or used book store - you may find a copy there =) 

Happy inspiration!


  1. looks like a real interesting book... and I don't even paint! Thanks for the link! {:-D

  2. memories - it is!

    storybeader - the ideas in there can apply to many different art forms =)

    Splendid - you are welcome! I love to share good books when I find them!

  3. Great book. That should get you going...not that you need it. :)

  4. Looks like a really great fun book!


  5. It has so many good ideas - hope to post some new challenges in the Bounty group soon =)


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