Saturday, October 24, 2009

Someone wanted to see...

...a picture of my studio.

What?  you don't think it looks like this?

You don't see me in the studio right now because the tea kettle is whistling.  Time for some hot chocolate *grins*



  1. You're so cute! LOL

    Every time you mention hot chocolate, I think I taste it, but I'd have to stand in front of the a/c to have some.... :o)

  2. I love showing photos of my studio for the shock effect, people think I'll be one of those people who hoard 100s of cats in my house when my mind starts going. I can't help it, I start to clean and inspiration hits at some point and I just have to stop and create something.

  3. LOL! I love your studio -- looks very bright & cheery :)

  4. hehe ~ Ah, Pam ~ the wonders of PhotoShop! Actually, the paint is splashed all over the studio... um, it is all over me =p ***usually*** LOL!

    *laughs* Tulip's - I will drink hot chocolate all year 'round ~ I just let it sit a bit longer in the summer =p It is hard not to have a cup every day in the winter *sigh* mmmmmm =)

    Thanks, TiLT, Sue and memories =) Actually I really do have an old drafting table with cool legs like that and a fun stool =) I love bright colors, too. There is artwork all over the walls in my studio ~ mine and my mom's =)

  5. Indeed they are, Carole - and some are best sketched *winks* and not photographed! lol!

  6. hehe - no photos posted to prove it either, Pam =p

  7. I absolutely believe it looks exactly like that!

  8. It does, Karin - you just have to add me and my mug of hot chocolate =p


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