Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Road Trip ~ Odd Angles Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt!

I have an ‘odd’ way of looking at things sometimes ~ so, as part of our Blog to Blog Odd Angles Treasure Hunt, here is a peek into the workings of my odd little brain as it explores all the angles of being stuck in traffic.

1. Apparently, I don’t do things in a small way. I managed to choose the exact time of day to travel that would turn a two hour road trip into a four and a half hour ride! Yeah ~ front of that line of cars is waaaaaayyyyyy out of sight down the hill! Hehe ~ At first I thought the line of lights was a city. Well, I had been sitting there a while at that point! Still, it was kind of pretty =p *look! a sparkly!*

2. There is no way to go around this area ~ roflol! This is the top of a mesa. So, I might as well make the best of it and have some fun. Let’s see, what do I have that I can play with… I could sketch some ~ well, maybe not since I am driving *rolls eyes* sort of... Cell phone! Yeah, I’ll call Cynthia =) Hmmm… now what? I have a camera! I think I’ll take some pictures… Now it’s too dark to take pictures. Okay, what other toys do I have? I do have an AM/FM radio.

3. I live in the dark ages ~ or rather, Super Truck does. The tape deck died a few years ago and there never was a CD player. So, yeah, I have AM/FM radio… I will just kept pushing the radio buttons and when there is something fun to listen to I can cranked it up and sing along. Obviously, you can surmise at this point that I am driving solo =p Um. You may also surmise that there has been a whole lot of button pushing…

4. Tired of the FM… let’s try the AM. Did you know that you can listen to any kind of sport in season or out of season on the AM radio band? I am here to tell you *yes, you can*! Also, there are a whomping lot of AM stations! It’s just that you can’t hear what they are saying because of the static… Okay, going back to the FM now. Maybe I will try a few Spanish stations. I have a theory that if I keep listening to the Spanish stations, I will, one day, speak fluent Spanish. Hasn’t happened yet… But, hey ~ you never know!

5. That guy with the motorhome has passed me several times… and he took his bathroom with him every time without even offering to slow down. Enough said on that subject… anything else will be TMI… I am starting to recognize a lot of these vehicles. Me, who has no vehicle recognition aside from car, truck, van and don’t even ask me to do color! I am even remembering who is in which vehicle! Sharpening powers of observation =p good! By the time I get out of this, I will have surpassed Sherlock Holmes! =p

6. Refer to number 2. Yeah. No place to pull over. At least not until you get to the rest stop ~ which is past the arrow in the photograph, but *thankfully* before the hill! *whew*

7. Okay, stopping at the rest stop was a good idea. It was a little freaky to speed up to 15 mph and feel like I was zooming through the parking lot, though. It is way too dark to take any more pictures. Darn ~ the bathroom is full of crazy angles! Who designed this place anyway???? Guess the only problem I may have here, is getting back onto the highway. Yeah, you guessed it…

8. Traffic back onto the highway must wait for the pilot car… heh… I saw that baby way back at the beginning of this stoppage. Ah, it was parked on the side of the road… empty. But, hey! The construction is due to stop at 8 PM! Yippee! I only have an hour and a half to wait and then there will be no stopping me! LOL! And it is kind of fun sitting here in line with all the big trucks listening to the chorus of air brakes and truck horns =p Super Truck is probably having delusions of grandeur! =p

9. Oh ~ oh! Traffic is moving ~ I feel like the jelly in a truck sandwich =p But I am really glad to be creeping on the road instead of sitting in the parking lot. Creeping? No, we must be doing 20 mph now! Wow! Do I see cars in front of me actually moving?

10. Woohoo! Time to whip out the cell phone and let Cynthia and Tim know that I really am really on my way!

Yeah. Maybe a lot of my ‘good attitude’ is because my brain in screwed in at a different angle. =p I am easily amused and entertained by simple things! Oh ~ look at that over there… WOW! I’ll be back in a little while…



  1. I love this post. You put a new spin on being stuck in traffic. lol

  2. LOL. I love the comments on the photo.

  3. I really love your attitude...walking the walk!

  4. hehe - Graceful, thanks! Somedays better than others...

    angelandspot - Yeah - I couldn't resist - that's what I kept thinking as I was looking at the landscape and all those vehicles. Especially the motor home...

    Thanks, Carole - I have a particularly angular brain =p

    SKnights - thanks! I had to put a spin somewhere since the tires were not spinning... roflol!

  5. Kathy, I think I'm falling in wuv with you...you crack me up as much as you impress me...!

    ROTFLMBO!!! Love it.

  6. LOL! That's great! I just took a 9 hour trip - thankfully only 1 hour was that slow...we went a whole 8 miles I think :P And it's nice to know I am not the only one who thinks like your summary...I came up with some great stories in my head on why the Accord was fogged over & why the guardrails was smooshed by that bent tree and... and... and...

  7. LMAO!!!
    We were stuck in traffic in Chicago one time and I told my bf that at least we'd gone 10 miles...he then told me that those weren't mile markers I'd been looking at...but 1/10 mile markers...doh!
    At least you kept a good sense of humor through it :)

  8. i love your comments on the photo

  9. Oh, funny. I love the stream of consciousness text, coupled with the photo. Put me right inside your head!

  10. Thanks, Linda =)

    hehe - Anitra - thanks! =p

    -ange- thanks!

    Oh, no, memories! I am glad I didn't notice the 'mile' markers - roflol!

    Thanks, Irene =)

    roflol! TiLT - I think there may be a blog post somewhere in there for you ;-)

    Thanks, Noble =)

    Thanks, Hampton House =)

    Aw... thank you, Tulip's Talking =) Actually, knowing that I could share my insane adventure with you all, kept me sane while I was stuck for two and a half hours! roflol!

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