Saturday, October 10, 2009

Odd Angles Blog to BlogTreasure Hunt winner will be posted on Monday!

The Blog to Blog Odd Angles Treasure Hunt ended last night and the  winner will be posted here on Monday!  Hope you all had fun hunting for treasure ~ and thank you for participating in the treasure hunt!

Now, I have to tell you a funny thing that happened to me.  When we first came up with the subject for this treasure hunt, I thought it was Odd Angels and not Odd Angles.  Imagine my confusion - well, maybe you don't want to be in my brain for that one.  You probably had enough of being in my brain with my road trip

At any rate - I think that Lova qualifies for both an Odd Angle and and Odd Angel =p 

Thanks again for hunting for treasure on our Blog to Blog Odd Angles Treasure Hunt!



  1. Thanks, Carole! My new little girls are quite the characters!

  2. LOL, that is a great shot that definitely fits for ODD ANGLES, is she really licking her nose? Did you put peanut butter on it?

  3. roflol! oh,my! I never thought to put peanut butter on a dog's nose - hehe - but, now....! lol! Nope, Lova just does this and I just happened to have the camera aimed at the right time =p

  4. LOL I love that shot!

    ha ha ha I thought it was Angels too, my dyslexia kicking in!

  5. Well, this little doggie can't read and she has wonderful angles and is a great little angel *most of the time!* so we have it all covered, Pam! roflol!

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