Saturday, October 3, 2009

A NEW Treasure Hunt begins on Monday!!! Odd Angles!

Look up - look down - tilt your head to the side - and search all around our blogs for some creative interpretations of this month's Treasure Hunt theme - Odd Angles.

All the directions and a complete list of the participants will be posted here on Monday morning, October 5, 2009.  This is going to be a very creative and fun Treasure Hunt with lots of surprises along the way! 

Here's a little preview ~ This is an original ACEO that I created as part of the Bounty Challenge.  (If you check out the link to the Bounty Challenge remember two things:  A.  All the directions are on page one - read them and then skip to the last page - and B. Be sure to come back here!).  I drew this ACEO with my left hand (I am a 'righty') and I drew it upside down.  How's that for an "Odd Angle"???  You can check out the full description in my etsy shop - just click --- here --- and off you will go.  Be sure to mark your calender for Monday, October 5th, and buzz on back here for some Treasure Hunt Fun!!!


PS Not sure what an ACEO is?  Check out my blog post about ACEO Fun, and learn some fun things about them!


  1. This one is going to be REALLY fun!!!!

  2. Very cool, that is an odd angle! Can't wait for the hunt!

  3. I bet everyone will have some great 'odd angles! for this one!

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