Monday, October 26, 2009

My favorite Teams - Etsy Teams, that is!

One of the great features on Etsy is Etsy Teams.  There are teams all over the world.  You can pick a team that is all about your medium, something you like to do, your home town, a cause you support, your faith, a hobby, kids, and...  well, the list is huge!  Seriously - check it out!

There are lots of advantages to joining a team ~
  • You can chat with new people that like the same things that you like.
  • Many teams chat or have ongoing threads in the forums where you can share ideas, tips, and techniques.
  • Some teams put together special events and sales - mmmm!  Who doesn't like a sale?  And what could be better than a group sale!
  • Some teams issue challenges which can give your creativity a boost.
  • Some teams meet in person to share ideas, projects, and some have local off Etsy sales.
Are you a member of any Etsy Teams? 

I am!
ACEtsy ~ the ACEO Etsy Street Team
CAST ~ the Christian Artist Street Team
Etsy Bloggers Team
WHOA Horse Artists Group

I have my eye on a few other teams, too, but it's been a little busy around here this summer *laughs*

Hey, if you are a member of an Etsy Team share some information about your team!  My list may just grow a little more =)



  1. I've been an etsybloggers for a long time now, and the friendships I have made is unbeatable! Etsybloggers Rock!

    Just recently, I joined the FFEST (Facebook Fans on Etsy Street Team). Lots of good ideas and sharing. Just snagged a treasury for us:

    Etsy IS Great!

  2. I just saw that that facebook team! Great treasury =) I gave it some *love* =)

  3. Teams are a lot of fun! I am a member of The Photographers of Etsy, ACEtsy, and also ACEO Bounty (kind of like a team). That's all I have time for! lol

  4. Teams are so fun! And of course...the EtsyBloggers ROCK :)

  5. I agree, Pam ~ the Bounty is like a team - lol - we just don't have a team page, we have a team blog!

    memories ~ I am really enjoying the EtsyBloggers, too ~ art, blogging and etsy *winks* what a combo!

  6. I have to agree! I love the Etsy Bloggers, which is where I spend most of my time in forums, but am also a member of BBEST, and Trillium. Teams are Great!

  7. Hi, Anitra =) I have enjoyed the Etsy Bloggers very much! And I agree - teams are a lot of fun.

  8. And Bounty, too - like Pam said, it's almost like a team =)


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