Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little farm fun with the cat and the goats ~

I just had to share these photos with you ~ guess I could have made it a Wordless Wednesday ~ but sometimes I talk too much for that!  *laughs*

Here is Forrest the cat, with Maggie the goat ~

Maggie's real name is Mary Magdalen.  Yeah, I know that the last 'e' is missing.  She is actually a registered ADGA dairy goat ~ and there wasn't enough room on the paper for the last 'e'.  She was born the day before Easter ~ that's why she is named Mary Magdalen.  Her sister was named Mary, so they were called Mary and Maggie.

Here is Forrest with my other goat, Bethie (short for Elizabeth).  Bethie is Maggie's daughter. ~

Forrest just cracks me up ~ I am sure that she thinks she is the size of an elephant.  Tonight she was chasing Bethie out of her grain.  Maggie, however, would not have any of that and she let Forrest know that she wasn't going to get any grain.  In true cat fashion, Forrest acted like hay is the latest fashion statement for the chic cat and strolled off to get her cat food.

Yeah *roflol* see why I don't need TV! 



  1. I love seeing what your animals get up to!

    And for some reason, it reminds me of when my granddaughter was a baby. She was playing with the dog's chew toy, and the dog came up and gave her a hard look. My daughter was a little concerned, since the dogs hadn't been around little people before Meggie. No worries, though--the dog went straight to Meggie's toy box and got one of her toys!

  2. Too cute! Animals have so much personality!!!

  3. How cute! Animals are certainly the best entertainment ever!

  4. too funny, Anitra! haha! love it =p

    Thanks, Rose =)

    I agree, Beaded!

  5. Thanks, photo - it was the first delivery I supervised all by myself, too =) Very fun to play with the babies!

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  7. Thanks for commenting, Joan =) I don't have to be asked twice to talk more about my animals! You might also enjoy this post of Forrest and Hershey ~



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