Friday, October 16, 2009

Here's a fun one for Illustration Friday ~ "Frozen"

Illustration Friday is very fun to do.  One word ~ emailed to you on Friday ~ create ~ post ~ and enjoy!

This week's word is "frozen" and here is my creation ~

"Frozen Time"

This frosty selection is a mixed media drawing on a page from a book of poetry by Edgar Allan Poe ~ and now it is frozen in time.  Maybe I am already in winter?!  Brrrrr!  and chills!!!

Blessings and stay warm ~


  1. very cool, Kathy! sounds like a fun challenge!

  2. Awesome one Kathy.

    Thanks for the heads up, still looking for Annabela's new friend to strike my fancy like she did...

    And, I still know something that you don't know...yet! Hehehe

  3. That's amazing!! I would never be able to come up with something. My imagination is on a permanent holiday.

  4. roflol - Audrey - mine is working overtime!

    thanks, memories!

    thanks, Rose =)

    Tulip's - I have a couple more ideas up my sleve - one I think you are really going to like =)
    ***my curiosity is driving me nuts*** roflol!

    Thanks, Splendid - it is a lot of fun. Some weeks I just can't get it done on time, but it is fun to think of what I would do if I had the time to do it!

  5. Love what you did for the challenge!

  6. This is very well done and I love word plays. :)

  7. Thanks, PC - I liked this challenge =)

    Thanks, Carole, It was a fun one to do =)

  8. Thank you dthaase! I appreciate the compliment =)


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