Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blessed by friends!

Marlene, of Marlene's Musings, just gave me a blog award!  What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do.  This one is very special because it focuses on friendship.  I have made lots of great friends online - and Marlene is one of them!  Thanks, Marlene - you made my day very special!

It's my turn to pass on The Deborah Award, now ~

Tulip's Treasure Box shines a bright light wherever she is!

Audrey's Country Crafts has a sharing, giving heart!

Handmade for Life really is Hope, Courage, and Faith in action!

Matt's Crafty Wife lives her Hope, Courage, and Faith every day!

Remembrances ~ because, like the children's song about friends, "...and the other gold!"

I am richly blessed by wonderful friends!
Blessings to you all!


  1. Congrats on your award, and everyone you selected!

  2. Thank you Kathy... we recently met and the blessings continue to grow. The lord works in mysterious, yet purposful ways. Just think about the steps that were taken that evenutually brought us together and then connected us!

  3. Thanks so much! What a beautiful Award! Will let you know as soon as I've posted and passed it on.

  4. Thank you, Pam - and congrats to you, too =)

    Indeed, Tulip's - the Lord works in mighty and amazing ways - sometimes with a whisper and sometimes with a storm. You are welcome!

    You are welcome, Audrey! Love your blog =)

    Thanks, memories =)

  5. Congrats on the great and well deserved award!

  6. Congratulations! What a lovely award to receive, and though I've only just "met" you, I've a feeling it's well-deserved!

  7. Congratulations on the award! I love how you told us little bits about those you are presenting this award to.

  8. Thank you Rose, Anitra and Splendid =) I have met so many wonderful people on line that it was hard to choose a few to pass this award on to!

  9. Thank you, Kathy. I love the Award and that you gave it to me makes it even more special! I especially like the words...how special. I like your comment about the children's song, but I believe I would fall in the silver category, especially if we are talking hair color here! heehee

  10. hehe - hey a little gold, a little silver - it's all precious! You are welcome, Karin!

  11. Just going to let you know that I will be posting about the award tomorrow!!

    Thanks so much again.


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