Friday, October 30, 2009

Bays, Sorrels, and Buckskins - oh my!

I have painted them all!  This is the first time, however, that I have ever painted a 'grey'.  This is a really pretty horse that belongs to a neighbor of mine - quite a 'ham' who poses very well for the camera.

The painting is almost finished and I couldn't resist giving you a little preview.  It's been a lot of fun to paint to paint 'a horse of a different color'!  Hopefully I will finish up the last little details and have this ready for my November show.  I need to take everything in on Tuesday *whew*  so I had better stay at the easel and stay away from the computer *laughs*  Anybody else have that problem????

Happy creating!


  1. You've really captured the horse beautifully. You must be very excited about the show and with your talent it should go well for you.

    We all have that trouble of balancing crafting and computering... LOL!

  2. Beautiful horse and beautiful painting :)

  3. Roseworks said exactly what I was thinking--Beautiful horse, and beautifully done.

  4. *blushes* Thank you all for the compliments!

    i am excited about my show =) And really looking forward to it, too!

  5. Wow Kathy, that is beautiful! Good Luck at your show!

    LOL Yes, I have that problem!

  6. Beautiful work Kathy, stunning. Linda:) x

  7. The talent that flows from you is captivating. Thank you for sharing with us Kathy.

    Another beautiful horse!


  8. Thanks, Pam, Linda and Lily =) The Lord gets all the credit for any talent that I have! I feel blessed to paint His creation!

  9. a pretty horse who looks very sweet and gentle.

  10. He certainly seems to be, Splendid - he comes to visit at the fence whenever I am back there =)


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