Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two things ~ a SALE and a Treasure Hunt!!!!

Wow ~ two ways to win big!  Starting tomorrow and running through November 22nd is the ACEO Bounty Holiday Sale on Etsy!  Participating shops will have all kinds of sales on all kinds of items including (but not limited to!) ACEOs.  Search tags for ABHS and watch for our avatars with the logo.  Click ---- here ---- for more infomation and to find out how you can win a great prize just by shopping! 

And *drum roll please* For more prize fun, join the gang for our November Treasure Hunt ~ The Fabric of My Life.  Find out what a wild and crazy bunch we are as we share bits and pieces of our lives and some fun facts about us.  As always, each blog will give away a prize and all you have to do to be entered in the drawings is to post at least one comment on each blog.   Check out my Etsy shop to see this ACEO Bounty Challenge original watercolor painting of "The Fabric of Life".

November is full of fun, sales and prizes!  Jump in and have a blast!!!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Bays, Sorrels, and Buckskins - oh my!

I have painted them all!  This is the first time, however, that I have ever painted a 'grey'.  This is a really pretty horse that belongs to a neighbor of mine - quite a 'ham' who poses very well for the camera.

The painting is almost finished and I couldn't resist giving you a little preview.  It's been a lot of fun to paint to paint 'a horse of a different color'!  Hopefully I will finish up the last little details and have this ready for my November show.  I need to take everything in on Tuesday *whew*  so I had better stay at the easel and stay away from the computer *laughs*  Anybody else have that problem????

Happy creating!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little farm fun with the cat and the goats ~

I just had to share these photos with you ~ guess I could have made it a Wordless Wednesday ~ but sometimes I talk too much for that!  *laughs*

Here is Forrest the cat, with Maggie the goat ~

Maggie's real name is Mary Magdalen.  Yeah, I know that the last 'e' is missing.  She is actually a registered ADGA dairy goat ~ and there wasn't enough room on the paper for the last 'e'.  She was born the day before Easter ~ that's why she is named Mary Magdalen.  Her sister was named Mary, so they were called Mary and Maggie.

Here is Forrest with my other goat, Bethie (short for Elizabeth).  Bethie is Maggie's daughter. ~

Forrest just cracks me up ~ I am sure that she thinks she is the size of an elephant.  Tonight she was chasing Bethie out of her grain.  Maggie, however, would not have any of that and she let Forrest know that she wasn't going to get any grain.  In true cat fashion, Forrest acted like hay is the latest fashion statement for the chic cat and strolled off to get her cat food.

Yeah *roflol* see why I don't need TV! 


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Edgar Allan Poe ~ Mixed media drawings on book pages

Playing with these old book pages has been a lot of fun.  The books were torn with pages falling out, so I didn't feel guilty at all about using them for some artwork.  I thought you might like to see a little 'work in progress' and find out how I do these small format artworks.

I have tried all kinds of pens ~ from Sharpies to Pitt, from Tombow to Micron ~ but when it comes to drawing, I like a dip pen and a really good, dense ink.  My current favorite ink is Holbein Drawing Ink and here are my favorite pens.  The one in the center is the one I usually use for drawing on these book pages.

Because the book paper is very soft, I use a fine point pen.  That keeps the ink from flowing onto the paper too fast and blurring the lines.  One reason that I like to use a dip pen is that I can vary the width of the line with one stroke.  A little more pressure gives you a little more ink ~ a very light stroke gives you very little ink.  You can see the variation in the line width in this drawing that is inked, but not colored.  Working with a sharp pen point and soft paper takes a bit of practice and control to keep it from catching on the paper and splattering ink everywhere.

Once I am satisfied with the drawing, I begin layering colored pencil.  I use a variety of colored pencils for this ~ mostly some old Prismacolor Pencils.  The older Prismacolors blend very nicely and it is easy to achieve subtle layers of color with them.  It's been fun to use some bright colors mixed with very soft colors in these drawings.  It helps to create the surreal feel that some of them have.

Here is "Angel" all finished and ready to be listed in my Etsy shop.

I like the way the irregular lines of the poetry show through the drawings. I think it gives these drawings a very dreamy look and a surreal quality.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Edgar's ladies and how I create them.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these little creations.  Thanks for dropping by!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ACEO Bountiful FUN!!! ~ in our little corner of the web...

In the www dot huge world wide web out there you can find all sorts of things.  Not the least of which is The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  Ummm...  that would be THE www that all of the www. stuff points to....  Yep - that was a bit mind boggling for me... kind of made my eyes roll backwards and my brain tip sideways. 

Hehe - I know what will turn my brain back right side up!  A SALE!!!!

I do better with just my small little corner of the web where I can get to know people and have some fun.  The ACEO Bounty Challenge Thread on Etsy has been going for over a year and a half and I have made some great 'cyber' friends and shared lots of fun.  Now a bunch of us are going to have a sale.  Hehe - who doesn't love a sale especially in these tight times!  Check out the ACEO Bounty Holiday Sale Blog for details about the sale - AND directions on what to do if you want to participate in the sale.  After the sale starts on November 1st, you will see lots of specials posted on this blog.

For some more fun on Etsy, check out the ACEO Bounty Challenge and then go and see The ACEO Bounty Challenge Blog where all the challenges are posted.  I guarantee that if you are stumped about what to create next, one of those challenges will give you just the jump start that you need!

Yeah...  I will probably not park my eyeballs at the W3C web page a lot, but I will drop by and see MY friends in my little corner of the web world every day!  Hi everyone!!! *waves excitedly*

Blessings to you all!

PS The ACEO Street Team for Etsy has a blog, too =)  Really fun to see all the great little artwork there!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My favorite Teams - Etsy Teams, that is!

One of the great features on Etsy is Etsy Teams.  There are teams all over the world.  You can pick a team that is all about your medium, something you like to do, your home town, a cause you support, your faith, a hobby, kids, and...  well, the list is huge!  Seriously - check it out!

There are lots of advantages to joining a team ~
  • You can chat with new people that like the same things that you like.
  • Many teams chat or have ongoing threads in the forums where you can share ideas, tips, and techniques.
  • Some teams put together special events and sales - mmmm!  Who doesn't like a sale?  And what could be better than a group sale!
  • Some teams issue challenges which can give your creativity a boost.
  • Some teams meet in person to share ideas, projects, and some have local off Etsy sales.
Are you a member of any Etsy Teams? 

I am!
ACEtsy ~ the ACEO Etsy Street Team
CAST ~ the Christian Artist Street Team
Etsy Bloggers Team
WHOA Horse Artists Group

I have my eye on a few other teams, too, but it's been a little busy around here this summer *laughs*

Hey, if you are a member of an Etsy Team share some information about your team!  My list may just grow a little more =)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joni Eareckson Tada ~ an inspirational artist!

Joni Eareckson Tada is one of my inspirational heroes. She is an artist, speaker, author, singer, and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Joni and Friends. Joni is an international advocate for people with disabilities. She knows what people with disabilities need because she has firsthand experience with disability.

In 1967, at the age of 17, Joni Eareckson dove into the water and broke her neck. Two years of rehabilitation gave her new skills and a desire to help others in similar situations. One of the new skills that she developed was to hold a brush in her mouth to paint. Check out her web page --- here --- to see images of her artwork. Her artwork is beautiful!

Her autobiography, “Joni” (both a book and a feature film) has been translated into many languages and she has visited more than 45 countries. She has written 46 books, won many awards, and reached out to disabled people worldwide in an amazing number of ways. Her latest book, “A Lifetime of Wisdom: Embracing the Way God Heals You” tells the “hard-won gems of wisdom” that she has learned in the more than fourty years that she has spent in a wheelchair.  Check out her fantastic books --- here ---
Joni and her husband Ken Tada were married in 1982.

Inspired?  I am both inspired and amazed!

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good
to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28

If you would like to know more about Joni, check out her website at Joni and Friends.



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Someone wanted to see...

...a picture of my studio.

What?  you don't think it looks like this?

You don't see me in the studio right now because the tea kettle is whistling.  Time for some hot chocolate *grins*


Monday, October 19, 2009

Congratulations to madebymelissa!

madebymelissa is the featured blogger for October by the Etsy Blogger Team.  Look at this gorgeous scarf that she has in her shop!  This is just perfect for the colder days that we are having now.

Check out Made by Melissa's etsy shop ---- here ---- and then visit her wonderful blog ---- here ----.  I loved the story she wrote about her son and his trucks - hysterical!

If you are on etsy and you want to find more of our blogging street team, search for "etsybloggers" under "all items" in the search box and a bunch of our creations will show up.  Have fun!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Close your eyes and think a moment...

...about what it would be like to never see again.  No colors, no faces, no lights...  imagine what it would be like...

October is Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month and, one of the EtsyBloggers Street Team Carnivals for this month was to choose an October Awareness program and write about it - so, here is some information about Art Beyond Sight and blind artists.

Elisabeth Salzhauer Axel is the AEB Founder and Executive Director.  She started AEB in 1987 because her grandmother, a gifted artist and lifelong art lover began to lose her sight. As they continued to visit museums together, they were dismayed by the lack of accommodations and services for blind, visually impaired, and disabled people. Elisabeth knew that she had to do something about that.

Many people do not realize that there are blind people who are interested in art.  There are also many blind and visually impaired artists.  Check out these links - they speak for themselves ~

Lisa Fittipaldi and Esref Armagan are artists who are blind.

The Blind Artist's Society is an online group for artists with visual impairments.  There is a list of artists and a gallery where you can see artwork from a show last year.

If you can read what I have written, you are blessed.  In Luke, Jesus tells his disciples to assure John that they have seen miracles - including restoring sight to the blind.  He fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah ~

In that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book,
and out of their gloom and darkness,
the eyes of the blind shall see.
Isaiah 29: 18

Jesus reached out to heal, bless and love those who were ill, lost and unloved.  We need to do the same.  Don't miss the opportunity to share the richness of your world, with someone who is blind, deaf, or disabled.  You will be enriched by the experience!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do you see the picture that you don't see here?

Yeah.  Well, that's because I ate it!  Well, not the picture - rather I ate the subject of the picture so here's the best that I can do right now...

I had chocolate cake for breakfast =)  and it wasn't even my idea!  The Breakfast Bible Study group surprised me with a little birthday celebration - including chocolate cake =)  mmmmmm! 

I did intended to take a picture, but then I had to go shopping and run a bunch of errands.  When I got home, I was hungry and distracted and I started working on the computer so I ate lunch.  yeah!  with desert =D  The next thing I knew, it was time to blog and the subject of my blog was, well, gone...  However, it was very good!

So, did you ever hear Bill Cosby talk about having Chocolate Cake for Breakfast?  Yeah!  eggs, milk and wheat - yeah!  Care for some chocolate cake?  Um....  hold the grapefruit juice for me!

Breakfast Blessings!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Here's a fun one for Illustration Friday ~ "Frozen"

Illustration Friday is very fun to do.  One word ~ emailed to you on Friday ~ create ~ post ~ and enjoy!

This week's word is "frozen" and here is my creation ~

"Frozen Time"

This frosty selection is a mixed media drawing on a page from a book of poetry by Edgar Allan Poe ~ and now it is frozen in time.  Maybe I am already in winter?!  Brrrrr!  and chills!!!

Blessings and stay warm ~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One last little birthday memento...

...which I have to share with all my blogging buds!

too funny for words!  ROFLOL!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

If I had a cake, this is what it would look like ;-)

Anyone have a fire extinguisher?  Please try not to douse the chocolate =p just put out the forrest fire!

I had a lovely birthday ~ started with a call from my neighbor, then I got a call from the grandkids who sang to me, and I had a nice chat with my daughter.  When I checked my facebook page, I had a bazillion 'happy birthday' messages - well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration...  but there were a lot of them!  It made my day very special =)  This year, Etsy also remembered that I had a birthday. 

And, I had a lucious cup of home made hot chocolate *yum*

So, what do you think?  Should I change the caption on my birthday cake to say "Happy Birthday" and list it in my etsy shop?  Should it be a card?  Should it say something funny about roasting marshmallows on the bon fire?  Or should I not torture other aging seniors?  *roflol*

Hope you also had a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blessed by friends!

Marlene, of Marlene's Musings, just gave me a blog award!  What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do.  This one is very special because it focuses on friendship.  I have made lots of great friends online - and Marlene is one of them!  Thanks, Marlene - you made my day very special!

It's my turn to pass on The Deborah Award, now ~

Tulip's Treasure Box shines a bright light wherever she is!

Audrey's Country Crafts has a sharing, giving heart!

Handmade for Life really is Hope, Courage, and Faith in action!

Matt's Crafty Wife lives her Hope, Courage, and Faith every day!

Remembrances ~ because, like the children's song about friends, "...and the other gold!"

I am richly blessed by wonderful friends!
Blessings to you all!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Winner!!! Odd Angles Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt winner is...

*drum roll please*

Knights Art Photography! Check out her cool blog --- here --- and then visit her wonderful etsy shop --- here --- where you can buy beautiful things like this great photo!

Aren't those some great angles in that photograph!?!

And, what, you may be asking yourself, did SKnights Art Photography win? An ACEO of any one of the seven photographs that appeared in the Odd Angles Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt blog posts, um, on my blog....

Do you think I could use the word 'blog' one more time in that sentence?

Anyway, she will get to choose one of those crazy angle photos that I posted during this treasure hunt, and I will make it into an original photograph ACEO just for her.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Be watching for more treasure hunt fun in November!!!



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunflowers... fascinating!

I am amazed by the way that sunflowers follow the sun.  I photographed them this summer - morning, noon and night - and I could see the progress that they made in a single day.  Relentless.  Constant.  Never distracted by wind or rain.   Turning their leaves, stems and flowers to follow the sun from the time that they were a small seedling to the time that they were full grown.  Only when they were withered and dry did they stop following the sun.

Yep - I think there is a message for me in the sunflowers.

If any one serves Me, he must follow Me...  John 12:26a

God bless,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Odd Angles Blog to BlogTreasure Hunt winner will be posted on Monday!

The Blog to Blog Odd Angles Treasure Hunt ended last night and the  winner will be posted here on Monday!  Hope you all had fun hunting for treasure ~ and thank you for participating in the treasure hunt!

Now, I have to tell you a funny thing that happened to me.  When we first came up with the subject for this treasure hunt, I thought it was Odd Angels and not Odd Angles.  Imagine my confusion - well, maybe you don't want to be in my brain for that one.  You probably had enough of being in my brain with my road trip

At any rate - I think that Lova qualifies for both an Odd Angle and and Odd Angel =p 

Thanks again for hunting for treasure on our Blog to Blog Odd Angles Treasure Hunt!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Snooze you loose! Last day to post a comment on the Odd Angles Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt!

Don't be caught napping!  Post your comments by midnight, EST, to be entered into the drawing for my free ACEO!

And, yes!  Cookie is really sound asleep in my studio!

Allie is your next stop on the Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~

Visit Allie's delightful blog here:

and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Have fun searching for treasure =)

Need a refresher on the instructions?  Click ----- HERE -----


Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Three Year Old View ~ Odd Angles Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt!

Have you ever thought about what the world looks like to a three year old?

Welcome to my refrigerator!


Allie is the next stop on your Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt!
Visit Allie's delightful blog here:

and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Have fun searching for treasure =)

The instructions for the Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt are --- here ----

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Morning Glories ~ Odd Angles Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt!

Usually you see flowers photographed from the front - here is my Odd Angle for the day - or, actually, two odd angles =p  Enjoy!

I love how the bright sunlight really shows the delicacy of the petals of these Morning Glories.

Allie is your next stop on the Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~

Visit Allie's delightful blog here:

and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Have fun searching for treasure =)

If you need a refresher on the instructions for the treasure hunt, click ---- here ----

Have fun!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Road Trip ~ Odd Angles Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt!

I have an ‘odd’ way of looking at things sometimes ~ so, as part of our Blog to Blog Odd Angles Treasure Hunt, here is a peek into the workings of my odd little brain as it explores all the angles of being stuck in traffic.

1. Apparently, I don’t do things in a small way. I managed to choose the exact time of day to travel that would turn a two hour road trip into a four and a half hour ride! Yeah ~ front of that line of cars is waaaaaayyyyyy out of sight down the hill! Hehe ~ At first I thought the line of lights was a city. Well, I had been sitting there a while at that point! Still, it was kind of pretty =p *look! a sparkly!*

2. There is no way to go around this area ~ roflol! This is the top of a mesa. So, I might as well make the best of it and have some fun. Let’s see, what do I have that I can play with… I could sketch some ~ well, maybe not since I am driving *rolls eyes* sort of... Cell phone! Yeah, I’ll call Cynthia =) Hmmm… now what? I have a camera! I think I’ll take some pictures… Now it’s too dark to take pictures. Okay, what other toys do I have? I do have an AM/FM radio.

3. I live in the dark ages ~ or rather, Super Truck does. The tape deck died a few years ago and there never was a CD player. So, yeah, I have AM/FM radio… I will just kept pushing the radio buttons and when there is something fun to listen to I can cranked it up and sing along. Obviously, you can surmise at this point that I am driving solo =p Um. You may also surmise that there has been a whole lot of button pushing…

4. Tired of the FM… let’s try the AM. Did you know that you can listen to any kind of sport in season or out of season on the AM radio band? I am here to tell you *yes, you can*! Also, there are a whomping lot of AM stations! It’s just that you can’t hear what they are saying because of the static… Okay, going back to the FM now. Maybe I will try a few Spanish stations. I have a theory that if I keep listening to the Spanish stations, I will, one day, speak fluent Spanish. Hasn’t happened yet… But, hey ~ you never know!

5. That guy with the motorhome has passed me several times… and he took his bathroom with him every time without even offering to slow down. Enough said on that subject… anything else will be TMI… I am starting to recognize a lot of these vehicles. Me, who has no vehicle recognition aside from car, truck, van and don’t even ask me to do color! I am even remembering who is in which vehicle! Sharpening powers of observation =p good! By the time I get out of this, I will have surpassed Sherlock Holmes! =p

6. Refer to number 2. Yeah. No place to pull over. At least not until you get to the rest stop ~ which is past the arrow in the photograph, but *thankfully* before the hill! *whew*

7. Okay, stopping at the rest stop was a good idea. It was a little freaky to speed up to 15 mph and feel like I was zooming through the parking lot, though. It is way too dark to take any more pictures. Darn ~ the bathroom is full of crazy angles! Who designed this place anyway???? Guess the only problem I may have here, is getting back onto the highway. Yeah, you guessed it…

8. Traffic back onto the highway must wait for the pilot car… heh… I saw that baby way back at the beginning of this stoppage. Ah, it was parked on the side of the road… empty. But, hey! The construction is due to stop at 8 PM! Yippee! I only have an hour and a half to wait and then there will be no stopping me! LOL! And it is kind of fun sitting here in line with all the big trucks listening to the chorus of air brakes and truck horns =p Super Truck is probably having delusions of grandeur! =p

9. Oh ~ oh! Traffic is moving ~ I feel like the jelly in a truck sandwich =p But I am really glad to be creeping on the road instead of sitting in the parking lot. Creeping? No, we must be doing 20 mph now! Wow! Do I see cars in front of me actually moving?

10. Woohoo! Time to whip out the cell phone and let Cynthia and Tim know that I really am really on my way!

Yeah. Maybe a lot of my ‘good attitude’ is because my brain in screwed in at a different angle. =p I am easily amused and entertained by simple things! Oh ~ look at that over there… WOW! I’ll be back in a little while…


Monday, October 5, 2009

Odd Angles Blog to BlogTreasure Hunt begins today!!!

Welcome to our Odd Angles Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt where you can see some really odd angles!

Willow knows that for every comment that you make on the Treasure Hunt posts from Monday (today) until midnight EST on Friday, October 9, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a free ACEO IF you complete the Treasure Hunt loop by visiting all of the participating artists. You have a chance to win a free ACEO from my blog and one from each of the other participating artists by participating in this Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt!

Just in case you did not know, ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are small works of art that are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm), roughly the size of a standard playing card. Check out my blog post for more information about ACEOs and why I like them so much!

Here are the Rules for the Treasure Hunt:
1. Complete the loop of all participating artists to qualify for the drawings.
2. Leave a comment at each blog so that we know you have completed the loop.
3. Each comment you make on the different Treasure Hunt posts at the different blogs will give you another chance to win a free ACEO!
4. The Treasure Hunt will work a little differently at each artist’s blog, so be sure to read each blogger’s Rules Post very carefully.
5. We would LOVE for you to visit our shops and see more of our artwork!
Allie is your next stop on the Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~

Visit Allie's delightful blog here:

and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop here:
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Have fun searching for treasure =)

God bless,


Got questions? Email me at

Here are all of the blogs involved in the Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~ be sure to leave at least one comment on each blog to be entered in the drawings!

Kathy (me) ~

Allie ~

Christine ~

Pam ~

Carole ~

Marlene ~

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are having a PARTY!!!

Oh yes we are! 

My daughter, Cynthia, had a birthday in September and I have one in October.  This year both of our birthdays are what many people call 'milestone' birthdays.  Cynthia has been very excited about her birthday this year so she decided to have a big party to celebrate. 

I am usually somewhat ambivalent about my birthdays.  It's not that I dislike them *laughs* I just don't make a big deal about them.  Pass the hot fudge sundae, and I am happy - especially if you have added peanuts!  What more do you need?  *winks*

However, as I said, this is a 'milestone' birthday for both of us - and kind of a fun one because I am exactly twice Cynthia's age.  I threatened to crash her birthday party since she insisted that I celebrate this birthday of mine.  She thought it was such a good idea, that she reserved the fellowship hall at her church.  *roflol*

We are also celebrating the fact that their adoption is progressing and I am getting closer to being able to wrap my Grammy arms around my newest grandchild - before I drive all of my online and offline friends and family crazy!

And!  We are celebrating the children's book that Cynthia has written and I am illustrating.

Lots of reasons to have a party, if you ask me! 

Oh, you might be wondering what milestone birthdays these are...  Would you believe that Cynthia is a very precocious child of 15?  No, I thought not - expecially since she is married and has two delightful daughters!  How about a very energetic 20?  umm....  not buying it, huh?  25?  no?  LOL!  Yep, my daughter is 30 years old this year =)  and, as just about every mother has ever said - that was a very fast 30 years!

So teach us to number our days
that we may present to thee a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

God bless,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A NEW Treasure Hunt begins on Monday!!! Odd Angles!

Look up - look down - tilt your head to the side - and search all around our blogs for some creative interpretations of this month's Treasure Hunt theme - Odd Angles.

All the directions and a complete list of the participants will be posted here on Monday morning, October 5, 2009.  This is going to be a very creative and fun Treasure Hunt with lots of surprises along the way! 

Here's a little preview ~ This is an original ACEO that I created as part of the Bounty Challenge.  (If you check out the link to the Bounty Challenge remember two things:  A.  All the directions are on page one - read them and then skip to the last page - and B. Be sure to come back here!).  I drew this ACEO with my left hand (I am a 'righty') and I drew it upside down.  How's that for an "Odd Angle"???  You can check out the full description in my etsy shop - just click --- here --- and off you will go.  Be sure to mark your calender for Monday, October 5th, and buzz on back here for some Treasure Hunt Fun!!!


PS Not sure what an ACEO is?  Check out my blog post about ACEO Fun, and learn some fun things about them!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Strolling through the library again...

...and I found a very fun book!

I have to admit, my ACEO Bounty Challenge friends, *winks* I thought of our fun challenge thread on Etsy and I could see lots of new challenges coming out of this book!  On closer inspection, I have found lots of great illustrations and ideas for new paintings.  This book covers lots of different styles of painting and many different subjects.  If you are stuck on what to do next - grab a copy and get inspired.  To my photographer friends - you might enjoy the selection of subjects, the interesting angles, and combinations of textures that are explored in this book.

Hey - it's on - and I am posting the link here because you can see some of the pages inside the book (no, I don't get anything from amazon if you buy stuff =p  I just found it listed on there).  Check out your local library or used book store - you may find a copy there =) 

Happy inspiration!
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