Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, I was going to share some new artwork...

...but, when I went out to feed the horses - well, this is too funny not to share!

Forrest is always out there with me when I 'chore' and she spends a lot of time with the horses and the goats.  One reason she does that is because she likes to snack on their grain.  Hershey is contentedly munching his grain, so Forrest decided to move a little closer.  She is particularly fond of his grain because it has molasses in it.

At this point, I was aggravated that I didn't have my camera with me - what a shot!  roflol!  Then I remembered that my cell phone has a little camera in it, so I started snapping pictures. 

In the meantime, Forrest decided to munch whatever she could find as fast as she could.  Hershey, who is very 'laid back' is ignoring her completely, so Forrest really started to make herself at home.

She was in Hershey's feeder for quite a while.  Finally he realized what she was up to and 'shooshed' her out.  What a pair!

Yep, there is a lot of fun in the 'country life' =) So much so that it can be hard to get the 'work' done!

Well, tomorrow I will show you my new artwork - hope you enjoyed the farm fun today!


PS Sorry for the quality of the photos - not too bad for a cell phone, though!


  1. Oh, funny! And some people think animals aren't smart, lol.

  2. LOL What a pair! Glad you were able to get some pictures!

  3. thanks, splendid =)

    True, Anitra - it's really funny to watch them. I have seen Forrest weave between the horses legs while they are eating - just the same way cats do with people when they want attention!

  4. Totally true, Pam - I am glad that I got a few snaps!

  5. Hi Kathy,

    Nice to meet you and to share a part of your life.

    Like you say, for me I too would have a hard time getting anything done with a camera attached to me...I just love watching different species interacting.

  6. What a cute photo! I cannot get past the fact that your cat got in there in the first place:)

    welcome to the team!

  7. Too cute!!! Nice to see your critters getting along so well :-)

  8. Kathy they are so cute together. I being born and raised a city girl am a little afraid of horses as they are so big, your cat does not seem to have that problem.

  9. Yes, the cell phone cam. I use it all the time :)

  10. That is a riot, Kathy. I don't know that I have seen a cat with a horse before. LOL

    Glad you had your cell phone.

  11. Glad you were able to get these pics...So Cute!

  12. How cute! It is so funny - I was just reading a tip from someone who uses horse feed as kitty litter! LOL!!

  13. Hi Kathleen,

    What a sweet story to share! Isn't country life FUN : )

    Thank you for your comments on my art. And please do share more adorable tales.

    All the Very Best,

  14. Thanks, Tulip's - somedays I just give up and take lots of pictures - it is totally too much fun!

    NICO - She has no fear of anything - well, except maybe a few dogs - lol!

    TiLT - interestingly enough, they used to use cats to keep race horses calm as they traveled from track to track. I don't know if they still do that or not.

    Quilt Works - Forrest is happy with the horses... but not so wild about my new doggies =p

    Marlene - she never seems afraid, though she will leave if they are running around. I have to put her up sometimes if I am working my horses because she will be under my feet and theirs! roflol!

    Chris - lol! Will I loose what 'geek status' I have if I say that I sometimes forget that it has a camera! ;-)

    Carole - I was so glad that I did, too! It was so funny to watch =)

    Thanks, memories ;-) another fun farm moment!

    Karin - ROFLOL! Not at the price I pay for his feed! LOL! I would think that the kitty box would be a kitty lunch box with this feed! LOL! I bet the cheaper alfalfa pellets would work good, though =p

    Thanks, Coleen =) I will share some more fun pictures of the critters! They all have such great personalities - lots of great 'photo moments' out there!

  15. I never get tired of seeing your animals!

  16. Thanks, Purple Pony Art! I love to watch their antics - glad to have a place to share these funny moments =p

  17. Better late than never. What a fantastic post. I think you could write a book on each of your critters. Forrest is one special kitty. Thanks for the smile & giggle.

  18. Thanks, Jane - *roflol* They act - I photograph! I can't take the credit for their great antics. *lol* I have heard that sometimes a cat will be used as a traveling companion for racehorses. My sister sent me pictures of a deer and a cat playing and I have seen Forrest play with the goats, too. Love God's amazing animal world!

  19. Better late than never. My first time seeing this Forrest adventure and I love it!


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