Monday, September 7, 2009

Well, I am going to post it here anyway....

Well, if you know me then you know how much I enjoy artistic challenges. I have a lot of fun with the ACEO Bounty Challenge and I have started posting things for Illustration Friday. I have been following another challenge that sounds like lots of fun. The 2 Things Challenge gives you two words that are the basis for your art. The latest challenge was Road/Arch.

So here is my interpretation of that:

There is just one little hitch in my participating in this particular challenge. I had a dyslexic computer moment. The challenge ended yesterday. Where was I? Probably lost on this road!

However, since I finished it and since I thought it was kind of fun, I decided to post it here anyway. A day late. This week's challenge is Apple/Eye. (Why does that make me think of potatoes???) Hmmm....

Which reminds me (the eyes remind me, not the potatoes...)! Ordinarily our Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt would be starting today - but (due to member travel and member computer goobers) it has been postponed until next Monday, September 14th. The subject will be "The Eyes Have It!" Be sure to stop back, check out all the directions, and jump into the fun for a chance to win a FREE ACEO =)

And, for now, you can just pause, take a deep breath, and be grateful that you are not trapped inside my mind on the Arch Road.



  1. I'm so glad you decided to post it here, it turned out really good! What a fun idea for challenges!

    I can't wait for the hunt!

    Good Night!

  2. That looks very much like something a certain young man would have built with his "neat-o" Hot Wheels road set! It also looks like a road well-traveled, if you know what I mean!

  3. What a nice idea! Nice way to stretch your creativity!

  4. Thanks, Pam =) I am excited to have another treasure hunt, too =) I am already thinking about what ACEO I will create to give as the prize!

    hehe, Karin - too true!

    Thank you, Quilt Works - I really do like the challenges! It's fun to create artwork with just a word or two as the starting point.

  5. Yeah, I'm doing a lot of thinking too! lol

  6. Pam - I am sure you will come up with some lovely things for the treasure hunt! You always do =)

  7. Neat, itl

    I have been out of the loop since my new computer arrived. My friend Ray has spent the last two days transferring stuff for me PC to Apple. Still not all done. Hope to find more time next week to get back to blogs.

  8. You always do, Pam!

    Nothing like a new computer - lots of fun and lots of frustration! LOL!


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