Friday, September 25, 2009

Somedays you just have to have some fun!

And today is one of those days!  So here is Billie Jane, sportin' her shades ~

I posted the altered art ACEO version of this painting before, but here is the full size one.  It's almost finished - just needs a few touch ups and that final good hard look.  I have had so much fun painting this - it just makes me laugh.

And, no - I did not do this to her flymask. 

The flymask originally belonged to my neighbors.  Now, imagine this if you will...  You walk into their barn.  There are five stalls down one side of the barn.  There is a horse in each stall.  Each horse has a flymask.  And, you guessed it, each flymask has a different set of shades or eyes.  I was laughing so hard when I saw them - well... anything else I say would be TMI!  ROFLOL!

Now that I have finished this fun painting, I am turning my energies to finishing up some work for my show in November and filling up my Etsy shop for the Fall.  Guess I had better go get some painting done!  Feel free to grab a cup of hot chocolate and browse around here for a while *winks* Leave me a comment and I will catch up with you later =)

God bless,


  1. I Love It! You must have some really fun neighbors-that is a hoot.

  2. Oh my goodness! You reminded me of something I hadn't thought of in years. My husband and I worked in a furniture factory when we first met. Lots of sawdust, so wearing face masks was, too. He used to take a red marker and draw a big toothy smile on his!

  3. that would be cute to see - all the masked horses - SUPER HORSE!

  4. Your lifestyle sound completely envious to me!

  5. Marlene - so totally true! Tim and Lorie are a lot of fun =)

    Haha - Anitra - I had forgotten - we had a "saw guy" who worked for us several years ago and he used to do that, too. lol!

    It was hysterical, storybeader ~ Laughing right now as I think of it! Their masks matched their personalities, too =D roflol!

    Tulip's Talking - come on over *winks* I'll put the hot water on for some home made hot chocolate =) and grab you a feed bucket and a shovel =p

    memories - thanks! Credit goes to Tim, who originally designed the equestrian fashion *winks*

  6. Very funny! Great job!

    Check out my "twisted horse" contribution to photo hunt, I think you will appreciate it:

  7. Thank you, Rose =)

    Very fun photo challenge, Quilt Works - definitely twiste ;-)

  8. LOL That would be such a funny sight! Beautiful painting so far!

  9. oops - make that 'twisted' =p

    It was hysterical, Pam! Really funny because the 'eyes' matched the horses' personalities! lol!


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