Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shades of Summer ~ The Eyes Have It ~ Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt

Okay ~ If you have horses you know that you have done this! If you haven't done it, you know that you have wanted to do it!

I mean, really - those fly masks are just SO boring! and what little filly likes to wear boring attire??? Certainly not Billie Jane! So here she is ~ sporting the latest in Paulden Summer Fashion Shades. Exquisite, don't you think?

The EYES certainly do have it here *winks* and you can have it, too. This ACEO is available in my etsy shop ~ click ---> here <--- to gallop on over there and buy it. Don't worry ~ we'll wait right here for you! When you get back you can stroll on over to Pam's for more Treasure Hunt fun. Visit Pam's delightful blog here:
and then stop by Pam's wonderful etsy shop here:

Happy treasure hunting!


  1. That is sooooo funny, who but you would have thought to put art on a horses fly mask.

  2. Love the mask, now you need a reverse picture for the other side so the horse can enjoy a view. (lol)

  3. Thanks, Magic =) Wild hairdos are a specialty for Billie Jane *winks*

    Tehe - Marlene - a cowboy with a little too much time on his hands! LOL! Actually, my neighbor has a very funny sense of humor and he did this for all of his horses! I inherited one of their old fly masks - lol! cracks me up =p

    hehe - pdunmire - Now, I never thought about that! LOL - you may be on to something there!

  4. LOL Cute fly mask!

    Ummm what is a fly mask! LOL I have no idea, never been around horses! (a good thing as the one time I was on 1 for 2 minutes - bad allergic reaction!)

  5. tehe - well, Pam - they look like the painting, are made of a mesh webbing kind of stuff, have noisy velcro closings under the chin (Billie Jane does NOT like that), and they keep the nasty flies out of the horses eyes.

    Total bummer that you are so allergic! Glad that you can have Jessie =)

  6. Ah ha, thanks for explaining! Yes Jessie is the only pet I have been able to have over 6 months! So glad I found him! :)

  7. Me, too! I think that pets really do make our lives richer!

  8. Indeed, Noble - total 'runway' material *winks*

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