Sunday, September 13, 2009

Okaaayyyy.... So where did they go????

Interesting... something appears to be missing here... Now, where could it be???

What originally happened...

What originally got fixed (and how)...

Hmmmmm..... now... ummm.... well.... Button, button - who has the button????
Oh, lookie there - the buttons are playing hide and seek! How cute. What clever little buttons to hide right there - ahem - just out of reach!Well, maybe my truck is getting really close to being a 'beater'... but it still has parts that work - ummm, well not this part. The odometer works great, though - it says 230 - plus - thousand miles on it =) But, hey - it is paid for and has been for a long time. That makes it a prize gemstone of the auto world in my eyes!

I try to throw in a little dose of 'Boy Scout prepared-ness' with this vehicle. *winks* For the last several days, I have VERY DILIGENTLY kept the windows in an 'upright' position =) The suspicious rattle was back, and the buttons had taken a little dip prior to their plunge into the 'door cave'. I had even called the mechanic to schedule a time for him to take another look at his handiwork.

I choose to smile when stuff like this happens - easier sometimes than other times! So, I did take some time to polish up my 'smile' button =)

I can't mold and shape every event in all my days, but I can be prepared to *smile* and follow the Lord. That doesn't mean that initially I will like the shape that every day takes, but it does mean that once I stop and look at it from His perspective, I will change my mind.

It's all a matter of attitude. If I let my attitude take over, things could get ugly (pass the smite button, please!). If I let God's attitude take over, He will mold my day into His day.

But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay,
and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.

Isaiah 64:8
God bless,
PS No, I didn't stick my fingers down in that tiny little hole to try to fish out those rascally buttons *winks* but I did think about doing that! LOL!


  1. Lol, have had your share of problems. :) You have more patience than me.

  2. Kathy, LOL - your attitude is definitely better than mine would have been, I have had a car that's windows would not open on the hottest day of the summer one year and I know my attitude was not as good as yours.

  3. hehe - thanks, Carole and Marlene *laughs* Well, I bought it new in 1995 and things are wearing out. lol! But the driver's side door opens, now.... =p As long as the air works, windows can be optional! LOL!

  4. The newest vehicle (1991 Buick)in our herd (no, Kathy, we have not sold any of the vehicles we already had!) likes to play tricks with her window buttons at random times. Usually Steve is driving (I don't think she likes Steve to drive her), but every once in a while she does it to me - usually when I am trying to swipe my magic card to get into the parking lot at work and there, of course, is no room to open the door! Hang in there - and if you need help, give a holler - we have a LOT of tools here!

  5. Thanks, Karin ;-) If I run out of duct tape, I'll give you a call! roflol! Hopefully the guy will get it fixed right this time... Probably has something to do with my roads *ahem* the are not smooth! LOL! by any means =p

  6. Kathy, Oh No! Well I'm glad you didn't stick your fingers down there at least! Lmao! Hope it gets fixed soon! :)

  7. If we could all have such an outlook as you have, it would be a better world! Hope you are able to get your naughty buttons restored to their proper place quickly and without much cost to you.
    My DH was entertained by this post as well as the older ones. In his opinion if it still runs, you keep it and use it, regardless of how it looks. He still occasionally sees his old 1983 (I think) Silverado that we sold to some in about 1994 to some fellows down the road and says, "See, it's still running...I told you we didn't need a new truck!!" In today's economy, I have to agree. Keep it until you run the wheels off of it and be grateful for no car payment!

  8. Hey, Pam - I remembered trying to grab the window! LOL! and I let the buttons go bye-bye =p

    Thanks, Graceful Moments (and thanks to DH, too!) - tehe - I have heard that these Silverados can get up to about 300,000 miles before they really start falling apart. LOL - I think my roads have a lot to do with the window - um, and the buttons - little problems!

    *roflol because I was bumped off of the seat by the huge rut I just ran over! or was that a canyon????*


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