Sunday, September 27, 2009

Laugh! It's good for you!

We all know that laughter is good for us, so here are some of my favorite places to go (besides my back yard!) when I want to laugh - some web sites, some blogs, some crazy fun ~

=D  Enjoy! (my daughter shared this with me - brace yourself - these are hysterical!  roflol!) (Hershey and Billie Jane enjoy this, too *winks*) (yeah, this could happen... and be reported on an insurance claim!) (yes, I have a warped and twisted sense of humor...) (be sure to read the strange headlines and news bloopers!) (I just found his blog, but I have listened to his 5 min. radio broadcast for years - very funny stuff!)

And last, but not least - check this out! Once you 'enter', just start clicking!

Have a blessed Sunday - and smile!
God bless,

You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy...
Psalm 16:11
The Bible


  1. Made me chuckle! Thanks for sharing the links!

  2. NICO and Beaded - every time I see that photo, it makes me laugh! Glad you had the same reaction - hehe!

  3. Yes, it worked and I'm still smiling. Thank you!

  4. Mwah! (that's a kissing sound, lol!)
    great pic!

  5. Great photo! Now I'll check out the sites! Thanks!

  6. Glad you all stopped by - you made me smile! Hope you enjoyed the links =)

  7. Great post! LOL The human kite is hilarious! Great links!

  8. Thanks, Pam - that one still has me laughing - ah, so long as Hershey and Billie Jane don't try it!

  9. Kathy is the best at making us laugh. :)

  10. Carole ~ thanks! Glad you had a laugh here ;-)


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