Thursday, September 3, 2009

Illustration Friday: Magnify

The Illustration Friday Challenge for this week is 'Magnify'.

And, yes - that is exactly what it looks like - it is my church bulletin from last Sunday. Okay, I really was listening to the sermon - I just have this habit of doodling.. and, well... this Sunday it sort of grew... And, as my doodle grew, I thought of this week's Illustration Friday Challenge - Magnify. Um... so then I watered my doodle and it sprouted into this drawing. So, my answer to the challenge is to Magnify the Lord. ah... in pencil on my church bulletin...
And, yes - I did show it to the people I drew - and they did say that I could post it here. *thanks!*
Um... and, yes, I did show it to my Pastor - and yes, I will be going to the same church next week. Hmmm.... do you think they'll notice if I bring my travel watercolor set? Anyway, he also said that I could post it online *thanks, Dave!*
If you go to the Illustration Friday web site you can see the artwork that was chosen for last week's challenge - 'Caution'. You can also find all of the instructions on how to participate in the challenge. Join the fun - it's open to anyone!


  1. Wow, you went to a lot of trouble for this one. LOL....nice.

  2. I create our church bulletin every week - shall I send you one to doodle on? LOL!! By the way, I really like the doodle - it actually looks like it belongs there, sort of as a background.

  3. hehe - Carole, I doodle like that all the time! There are scraps of paper all over the place with little sketches on them... Sometimes they turn into bigger artwork ;-) sometimes they turn into recycling!

    LOL - Karin, maybe I'll drop by your church and do it there *grins* kind of a traveling doodler?

  4. I really love that one! And I think I'm going to have to start paying more attention to what you're doodling during the sermons. Think of all the cool art work I've been missing out on! ;-)

  5. ROFLOL - as long as we don't get caught passing notes, I think we'll be okay ;-) I admit to chronic doodling! LOL! I will share <;-)

  6. i agree with Remembrances. at first glance, i tot it was the background of the bulletin!!

  7. LOL - pearlatplay - maybe I can design bulletins *winks* That could be fun!

  8. Thanks, Juana - it's fun! I almost always have paper and pencil with me - just to be prepared.


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