Sunday, September 20, 2009

Futher adventures of Super Truck

Okay, Super Truck is a wannabe Farm Truck, but I just can't justify calling my little corner of the world a 'farm'.  However, Super Truck does have some typical farm truck traits...  It does have over 230,000 miles on it, sports a cracked windshield, one broken side view mirror, a busted tail gate latch, and peculiar visors, not to mention a few other oddities and interesting occurances.

But, hey ~ Super Truck has recovered from the recent misadventure of the buttons =)  Lookie - the buttons are back!

And, I might add, it was a very easy repair and at no charge.  roflol - no drawing to post *winks* the repair didn't take long enough to do one!

Super Truck did have another misadventure this weekend, though...  Location and human intervention can have a direct impact on the outcome of a 'day in the life of a truck' as I found out.

In other words...  When the three year old asks to 'pretend drive', I should not assume that her only focus will be on the steering wheel.  Honestly, I did not know that she knew how to turn the lights on...  And, Mama and I were standing right there, too!  Um... as they say...  'faster than the speed of light.'  =p

Super Truck has a good battery.
But not THAT good!

Oh, well, at least a jump start had no 'kaching' factor and just a little inconvenience =)

And, lesson learned!  I had better double check my truck after my little 'driver' has finished her tour of the countryside.  I won't underestimate this cutie again!

God bless,

PS ~ I might take a chance with my truck and a three year old again *laughs* but I will let the Lord who created everything steer my life!

But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay,
and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.
Isaiah 64:8


  1. Very fun day I am sure, three year olds are the best!

  2. That is hilarious, Kathy. Three year olds are adorable.

    Sienna (5) is whoopin" my (you know what) at Skip Bo which is a card came for 8 year olds. LOL.

    I love this game. If you don't have it it is a ball for a family group. You can even play partners.

    They are such a joy in our lives.

  3. hehe - Marlene - well, there was no running around in the heat! lol! we played at the house and took a little walk =)

    Yeah, Carole, Mikayla learned how to play Go Fish when she was four - taught some high school girls how to play, and beat them! LOL! She has whoopped me more than once ;-) Got to watch out for those little card sharks, huh?! roflol!

  4. Yeah, Pam - fortunately, it is a very good battery! roflol!


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