Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eyeses and Noses ~ The Eyes Have It ~ Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt

Ah, oh...

Lova and Cookie heard that Pal and OrangesBajoranges were on the blog and they are a little mift that they were not front and center in that spotlight!

Lova feigns disinterest... ummm... Or else she just woke up from a nap!

Cookie displays her very sad eyes and... no, wait ~ that would appear to be her look right before she lunges for her treat. Yeah...

Well, so maybe their Eyeses and their Noses weren't out of joint after all. But, as all you pet people know ~ it is better to be safe than sorry in that circumstance.

Of course, Queen Forrest ~ well ~ she is the Queen and she really couldn't care less what the peons are doing so long as her food dish is full.

In this case, The Eyes Have It Treasure Hunt has some noses attached! Well, toddle your eyeses and your noses over to Pam's and have a fun look at what surprises she has for you!
Visit Pam's delightful blog here:
and then stop by Pam's wonderful etsy shop here:

Check ---> here <--- if you need a refresher on the instructions of how to sleuth your way through our Blog to Blog treasure hunt.

Have fun!


  1. Thanks, Marlene =) they are fun!

  2. Awwww your pets are so adorable! Here's a cyber treat for each! lol

  3. woof! meow! and a few other assorted farm sounds =p

    Which translates as 'thank you'!

  4. You have such lovely pets!! Lucky you!

  5. Thanks Carole and Noble =) They are great companions!

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