Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Eyes Have It ~ Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~ ACEO Fun!

I created a post April 19, 2009 called Ten things I absolutely LOVE about ACEOs! In honor of our Blog to Blog “The Eyes Have It” Treasure Hunt, I have updated that list and added lots more reasons why ACEOs are so cool. Got your EYE on an ACEO? Check it out – here are 20 great reasons to start your collection or to add to it!

1. Since ACEOs are 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm) - which is the size of a standard playing card or trading card – they are very easy to display in an album, easel, mat, little frame – or just leaning up on a shelf.

2. They are quicker to do than larger pieces of artwork - so you can create one while your morning coffee brews =)

3. There are artists all over the world who make, sell and trade these great little works of art so you could have a collection that includes art from lots of exotic places – like Paulden, Arizona *winks*

4. There is no end to the variety of media that artists use to create ACEOs. They can be done on paper, canvas, wood, with glass, with clay, on or in fiber (including felting and quilting), and any combination of mixed media creations. Carole (readingsully2) said that she saw an artist who actually used sliced colored pencils to make her ACEOs!

5. ACEOs are a great way to try out new paper or different media - nice to start small on some of those experiments!

6. You can find all kinds of artistic styles and any kind of subject matter in ACEOs.

7. They are fun to do with the grandkids *winks* or any kids!

8. They make awesome gifts - the next time that you send a card to a loved one that lives far away, tuck a little artwork in that card!

9. They are small enough that even with a busy schedule - you have time to do some little artwork.

10. They are great for working out ideas that can be used in larger paintings.

11. There are lots of challenges, groups, blogs, forums, and fun for people who like to make, sell and trade these little gems.

12. They are affordable to buy - which makes it nice for selling or buying =)

13. They make great bookmarks. The next time you give a book as a gift, tuck an ACEO in it, too. Your friend will think of you every time they use the bookmark and appreciate your gift.

14. They fit in your pocket. You can carry an entire gallery of ACEOs in a jacket pocket!

15. A quilter noted that she can finish an ACEO quilt in a day, while a full size quilt is very time consuming!

16. You will make lots of great friends who like ACEOs, too =)

17. They are very portable. Take your blank cards with you the next time you are waiting for the tires to be rotated. It sure beats reading all those out dated magazines with all the coupons clipped out of them.

18. They make wonderful ‘show and tell’ projects at school!

19. It’s a fun way to cheer up a friend. Give them a greeting card with an ACEO attached to the front of it.

20. They are cute! Come on – they are just cute!

Okay – now it’s your turn! Can you think of some more reasons they are so great?

God bless,

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  1. Boy you have really covered the reasons for creating and buying ACEO's - The only other thing I can think of is: If you are a new artist the size is less intimadating than a large canvas.

  2. Wow awesome ideas!

    I have also seen some cool ACEO's done with polymer clay (artists like zudagay and MandarinMoon) and also stained glass and even pressed flowers. The possibilities are endless!

    For displaying how about Christmas ornaments!

  3. ACEOs are awesome!! if you get a nice matt, and frame, they truly are miniature artworks.
    I love my collection!

  4. Wow! And the ideas keep on coming! tehe - you would think that we like ACEOs or something *winks*

    Great ideas, Marlene, Pam and Pink!

    Glad you are inspired, Linda =)

  5. Excellent job, Kathy! I love your ACEO's and your posts are fantastic!

  6. Thanks, Allie =) Missing you on the treasure hunt - hope all is well with you!

  7. Thanks, Noble - they are such fun to do that it seems like new ideas and uses for them just keep on cropping up!

  8. A neat list! I might have to try painting that small!

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