Friday, September 18, 2009

Avast ye, Matey! ~ The Eyes Have It ~ Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt

Hoist the poop deck, wave the main whatsit, and grab your mask for the Pirate's Ball!
It's the last day of The Eye's Have It Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt, so ye better get to hunting that treasure afore all the other pirates beat you to it! Aye! and that's the truth, Capt'n!
Find your treasure map directions
--->  here  <---

And then git to huntin', matey!
Your next stop on the high seas is to get an eyeful of Pam's blog ~ shove off and head that way!
Visit Pam's delightful blog here:
and then stop by Pam's wonderful etsy shop here:
Oh, and, Capt'n, you can unearth that pirate mask in my etsy shop ~ where
----> X <---- marks the spot! Grab it quick ~ it's on sale at a booty-ful price!
Arrrrr! Happy sailing! If ye wants to be in the treasure hunt ~ post yer comments before midnight, EST. After that, they all turn into pumpkins because the treasure hunt will be done!


  1. Yes... in the distant past there is a bit of pirate blood in me - does that surprise you? roflol!

  2. Hey, you did a great job on this and I am having a hard time typing because I am laughing so hard. You have the Pirate Dialect down pretty good. LOL

  3. hehe - thanks, Carole - a little of that 'pirate geneology' seems to have popped up here! arrrr, matey - 'tis, so!

    Thanks, Noble ;-) glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Aye Aye Captain! Cool piece of art!

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