Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A very special painting...

I just finished this painting today ~

Here is Diesel - a darling little boxer. This is a memorial pet painting for his family who loved him dearly and miss him very much. Now they can see him every day in this very special portrait.

Diesel was amazing! Leah told me that they called him the 'medicine dog' because whenever anyone was sick, he would come to them and just lay his head in their lap and stay with them for the longest time. Leah said that he was a incredible comfort to her while she was pregnant. What an empathetic doggie!

Diesel was also an incredible guardian - especially of the nursery. One night while Leah was nursing her son, Diesel (who apparently thought she was asleep in bed) stalked into the nursery with his head down, growling really low. She had to talk to Diesel and let him know that it was her holding the baby. Once he was satisfied that this was indeed Leah, he licked her hand, sniffed the baby, and then walked over to the door and, as Leah said, he lay in the doorway "guarding us from further invasion."

The most amazing thing that she told me, though, was that Diesel stopped her son from going in the street one time by grabbing his pants in his teeth and holding his ground while Noah tried to run off the curb! Oh, my!

I am honored to have been able to paint this portrait of Diesel for Leah and her family - and I hope that they will enjoy many happy memories of him every time they see it!

I will be posting some 'work in progress' photos that I took of this painting so you can see how Diesel took shape on my easel. Leah has also graciously allowed me to make and sell prints of this watercolor painting of her lovely boxer. If you would like Diesel to come live with you, check my etsy store: or email me at .

If you would like a portrait of your special pet, please let me know. I love to do pet portraits - and Leah said I did a really good job of capturing Diesel! Thanks, Leah!

Have a blessed paw print day =)



  1. BEAUTIFUL painting of sweet Leah's baby Diesel! Very touching :)

  2. oh Kathy! I know I gave you the words about Diesel, but reading them back here made me cry all over again! He truly was the most wonderful friend and you have captured his very core beautifully! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    God bless,

  3. I'm sure this portrait will be a much loved reminder of what sounds like an amazing dog

  4. That's so sweet! Beautiful painting.

  5. Kathy that is a wonderful painting. He looks like such a sweet dog and from the words I see he was a sweet, loving dog.

  6. Wonderful painting! I will have to see if I can find good photos of some of my babies that are waiting at Rainbow Bridge and have you paint them. What a wonderful memory of a very special dog.

  7. Leah, I am very sorry for your loss. It is so hard to loose a pet as they are a member of the family.

    Kathy, you did such a beautiful job on this painting.


  8. Thanks, Anastasia =)

    Aw, Leah *blushes* thank you =) While I was painting Diesel, I fell in love with him, too!

    Thank you pencilportraits, PamperingBeki, and Marlene =) I appreciate the kind comments!

    Karin, I have been thinking about painting a number of my animal friends, too - and sharing some artwork of others that I painted years ago. And, I would love to paint that sad eyed, long eared sweetheart that you had in high school =)

  9. Thank you, Pam =) I could tell from the photos that he had such a sweet personality - he was fun to paint! It is sad to loose a beloved animal - they become such a part of our lives.

  10. Kathy this dog is just are so so talented.

    I am trying to post may be that I have figured it out. If you see will know that I was sucessful....the problem is I still don't have access to my photos but maybe I will be able to post to blogs.

  11. Way to go Carole, it worked!

  12. Wow, Carole! I am with Pam =) glad you can post - we miss you! Thanks for the kind comments =)


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