Friday, August 7, 2009

Terrific Trees Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~ Vacation Discoveries

Here are a few things I found out on the last day of our vacation...

Lovely photo, by the way, isn't it?! Ummm... but, well... stay tuned... more about that later...

  • My daughter can make me choke when she says something funny.
  • I can make her cry! No kidding... she asked me a question and I answered it. Simple, right? She was gasping and her tears were making it hard for her to drive (in rush hour on a bridge, I might add!). Oh, yeah - um - and she was hysterical because she was laughing. It took a while for her to explain... (it kind of took her voice away, too.) Her question was: "So, when you 'toe the line' which toe is it?" My immediate answer was: "The big toe on my right foot."
    Okay, so I didn't know that what she wanted to know was whether it was "toe the line" or "tow the line". Interesting cause for hysteria, but I figure that since she made me choke twice on our vacation it was justifiable payback. Even if it was accidental hysteria.
  • Leaving on a long drive at 5:00 PM is not bright. Well, unless you intended to drive all night on purpose...
  • The Beach Boys still sound great when you are driving next to the ocean! "Oh, yeah, baby, in a mini-van!" in the words of my now recovered daughter ;-)
  • Scenic drives look better during the day. Except that a full moon can be pretty, too - but you can't see a lot of the scenic scenery... um... just the moonlight. Well, and sometimes the moonlight through the trees... (see photo above - no clue where we were, though... *laughs* it was dark!)
  • CA Highway 1 is very long and twisty. Looooonnnnnggggg.... and with LOTS of curves.... and no roads (that we could see) that led to the straight and wide Highway 5 that was just a few miles away.
  • Anybody out there get carsick? Um... three out of the four passengers in this vehicle suffer from some degree of carpuke... yep... Did I mention that the road had a lot of curves... Ummm... not a good combo!
  • Much to our surprise, my daughter and I discovered that a child who is sound asleep can unload lunch and (I am sure) breakfast before waking up. Now that is some major carsickness. *sheesh*
  • Amazingly- a chain reaction can be avoided. Granddaughter number one and I evacuated the scene and left Mama to - well, you get the picture! I recommend evacuation. Yep.
  • Summer nights in California can be very cold, but fresh air can also be very nice... under certain circumstances it is better to freeze!
  • Moonlight also makes trees, roads, and slow traffic look spooky and makes imaginations run wild. When the lone, slow, creeping driver in front of you is obviously lost, swerving and playing with their high and low beams, it makes them look spooky, lost, OCD - and a few other things! (Yes, the car finally did turn off the road... *whew* but it added about an hour to our driving time.)
  • Never mix your bad coffees together. Even if you are the only one in the car that doesn't get carsick. *bleack*
  • Having paid for the hotel room in advance, gotten a great deal on a classy place, and wanting a nice comfy bed to sleep in will make you drive and drive and drive and drive and...
  • A book light is handy for reading maps but a finger is not a good measuring device for mileage. At least, mine isn't. Maybe it grows and shrinks like Pinocchio's nose... Maybe it was the midnight math skills... *rolls eyes* who knows...
  • Computers are an addiction. So are digital cameras and cell phones. Why else would I make my daughter carry my laptop and granddaughter number one, while I carried my purse (with camera and cell phone) and granddaughter number two. And, before climbing into bed, I plugged in cell phone and camera battery. It's an addiction! (Side note: that was ALL we took to the room - kids, purses, and a laptop... nada on the luggage, food, clothes, etc. Yeah, maybe obsession is closer!)
  • "Would you like an extended checkout?" can be magical words.
  • The room and the bed were worth it!
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
But I did get some pretty pictures!
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  1. LOL You are too funny! Glad you had a great time visiting with your family, sorry for the car sickness! yucky!


  2. Neat picture. The tree(s) looked tangled and it is kind of eery looking with the unclear background.
    Sounds like you had a great time in spite of a few "hardships". LOL

  3. I, personally, shall refrain from commenting on your navigational skills. I love the photo and the tale of the adventure - my sister had Upchucky Syndrome also, so my heartfelt sympathies are with you on that one!

  4. Thanks, Pam - my warped sense of humor has surfaced once again! LOL!

    Thanks, Audrey =) The background is the moonlight on the ocean. I was thrilled that the photo came out since we were driving at the time. I credit the lost driver in front of us because otherwise it would have been a blur. Amazing what you can photograph out a car window at 15 miles per hour...

    ROFLOL! Hey, Karin - I knew EXACTLY where we were going - just not EXACTLY where we were ;-) US - too funny! Hopefully Naomi will out grow it like Mikayla is.

  5. Thank you, Cynthia - indeed they were! It was a LOT of fun traveling with you and the girls =)

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