Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Remember how curious I was???

Way back when in June - well, at least it was June of this year! I asked what critter you would like to see me paint next. Remember? (Just nod and humor me, okay *grins*)

Well, I got TONS of great ideas! I have been collecting photographs of lots of the critters that you all suggested - and, yes, I am still collecting photos. LOL! That was a very long list and there are some *exotic* animals on there *smiles* which I am really looking forward to painting!

But, I wanted to show you *numero uno* of that bunch, so here is "Iggy" ~

Really, the title is "I gonna go up the wall!" See, I gwanna go up the wall - yeah, see, Iggy is an Iguana - *Iguana go up the wall*

Okay, well that was pretty bad *blushes* If Iggy refuses to go up the wall after that, it's okay because he looks cute just crawling along hiding from the bad puns under his greenery...

If you want to know more details about the drawing for this free original ACEO, check my blog post . To find out all about Iggy, check out the St. Thomas Mission Trip blog. It really is a funny story that Carol had to share! Carol won this little ACEO original watercolor and ink painting of Iggy, but if you can't live without him, I will have prints available. Just email me for details!
If you are curious about all of the comments and suggestions that were made, here are the links to those posts.

My thanks to all of you who gave me some fun ideas! I am working on more critter paintings now. (well, not this EXACT minute because I am typing a blog post right now, but there is a painting on my easel...) Stay tuned for more critters soon!


  1. Kathy, ROTFLMAO I love the title. Wow he is beautiful and really looks like the photo!

    Congrats Carol!

  2. Kathy, you have me smiling and giggling this morning! I LOVE Iggy! Can't wait to show my girls! :)

    And I am looking forward to seeing more of your new critters! :), allie

  3. LOL, Iggy is great and I think he will gwanna go over the wall to hide from the puns. Great Job.

  4. Thanks Pam, Allie and Marlene =) I had fun doing him - and I just can't resist a good (bad?) pun!

  5. I am envious, Carol. Congrats on your win. Becautiful work, Tapestry.

  6. Carol really liked Iggy *winks* and she also has a warped sense of humor so she enjoyed my bad pun. LOL - is there such a thing as a good pun????

  7. If you like seeing Iggy online, I can tell you he's absolutely gorgeous (as gorgeous as an iguana can be) in person! I just received him this morning, and I've been staring at him all day. That expression is exactly the one he had when he was clinging to the wall and glaring at his would-be rescuers. : ) Thanks so much!!

    Now about that warped sense of humor comment. . .

  8. Carol, I bet he is just beautiful! :)

  9. oops! LOL - ah, yes - what is posted on the internet is there forever. Do I have to be chicken and duck and run next Sunday - or am I gwanna wanna go over the wall with all the other lizzzzards??? roflol!

    Glad you are enjoying Iggy, Carol - and that he has such a fine home *winks* in a budding collection!

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