Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More fun and inspiration while strolling downtown

Well, this is page two of my busy Saturday!

Here is the 'groupie view' of the Cool Water Band as they played at the Courthouse during the Acker on the Square. The bands were playing to raise money for the Prescott High School band to go to England! Wow!

It was a great 'people watching' day and I got some fun photos that may turn into paintings =) It was kind of fun to be behind the band part of the time. Boy, it sure sounds different back there!

I learned some very interesting things, too. Did you know that electrical cords do not always short out when they get wet? Did you know that when people really like what they are doing, it is really hard to get them to stop doing it? Did you know that plastic bags and towels will keep a gig going in the rain?

*laughs* Now you know all of that... These guys just would NOT quit!

Fortunately, there were only little sprinkles and there were lots of plastic bags. My sister is a seasoned 'roadie' for her husband - she had a routine and I followed directions very well. Um... most of the time! I am a 'groupie' in training for 'roadie' status. Do you think I will make it???

LOL! I did get lots of good band pictures =) And I handed out business cards very well *winks* Don't leave home without them!!! You never know when or where you will meet someone who will want to have one of your business cards! So, I repeat! Don't leave home without them!!!

And, don't leave home without your camera! I have been wanting to do some paintings of koi and look what I found at the library! A nice 'aha' moment as I pulled out my camera and snapped a few shots of my swimming buddies =) They are not on the 'check out' list *winks* strictly reference material!
Totally, off to paint now - well, or at least to go through all these photos and choose what will be next =p

Have a blessed day!


  1. Sounds like it was a very fun and productive day.

  2. Great fun, kathy...

    I have a little something for you at my blog if you choose to accept it. :)

  3. What fun! Is being behind the band as much fun as being 5 rows back, center stage and getting your glasses knocked three rows back by crazy teenage girls? I swear, I never would have reached for that cap if I had known what would happen, honest!

  4. It was a fun day, Marlene =)

    Thanks Carole =) I appreciate that!

    hehe - Karin - you would think that we were Monkeyin' around *laughs* No sweat - new pair of glasses now ;-) LOL! It was a bit safer BEHIND the Cool Water Band, though *winks* than 5th row, center stage!

  5. Kathy - I bet you had a lot of fun watching the band, on Tuesday I missed my bus and went in the mall and a British band was playing, boy were they good, I took videos of 3 songs, I will post them some day soon when I get around to uploading to you tube!

    I LOVE KOI! We have had huge aquariums all my life, except the last 6-7 years and I miss them dearly. And about 10 years ago *whew 10 years* I had a Koi, named NiKoi (lol it was a joke like Nicky, but NiKoi) - she was an iridescent gold / white color (same almost as the one in your picture - tale shaped like the orange / black koi in your picture) and grew to be 12 inches long, we had her in a huge tank. But when we moved she died! She was so beautiful!

    I can't wait to see your koi paintings!

  6. Wow, Pam! 12 inches! How neat - so sad that she died when you moved =( awww... We had a lot of tropical fish when I was younger. Each of us had our own tank *laughs* Mom and Dad really liked the fish! And, well - there were only two of us kids *winks*

    Your band sounds neat =) I had fun watching Dick and his band play - they are good!

  7. Yeah, fish are so much fun. One day I will have a wall of aquariums! lol

  8. They are beautiful and fascinating to watch =)


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