Friday, August 28, 2009

A little hint - Diesel, a work in progress!

Thrifty! Who doesn't like to save a little money now and then? But there are times when our efforts to be thrifty - well, they just don't pay off!

So here is my hint for you, today - When your graphite transfer paper has been used to pieces, get a new sheet....

...before you transfer wax from the paper instead of the graphite!

Yeah, do you see all those little white lines in Diesel's face? They are not supposed to be there *argh* and it took extra work to get them out of there, too! If I hadn't been so "thrifty" and bought the $2.00 worth of transfer paper before I started this painting, it would have gone much faster. Oy!!! Oh, well ~ lesson learned! And, I have my new graphite transfer paper now =)

This is the beginning of my painting of Diesel, a charming boxer doggie. I have layered in the basic colors and I am beginning to build my transparent washes of color over them. I will post more pictures so that you can see the progress from beginning to end.

To see how the portrait of this sweet doggie turned out, check out my blog post A very special painting... You can find out all about Diesel there. Such a special pup - be sure to see what Leah had to say about him!

And don't forget to put graphite paper on your lists if yours is getting old...




  1. Ooh, good tip! I always wind up with gaps in my graphite from reusing the transfer paper over & over, but I never thought it would transfer something other than graphite. Hmm...maybe I can use it as packing material to satisfy my thriftiness...

    Love this painting, he seems so soft in the WIP, and his eyes are gorgeous in the final!

  2. Good tip and I love Diesel, his portrait is awesome.

  3. Beautiful, so interesting how you do your paintings!

  4. Diesel's painting is wonderful! You are very talented!

  5. Thanks, mousewords =) I really enjoyed doing this painting! Yeah, I didn't expect the wax to transfer either. Ah, well, lesson learned!

    Thanks BeadedTail - love your avatar!

    Thanks, Marlene - I just fell in love with this pup while I was painting him!

    Thanks, Pam =) I like to see how other artists create their work, so I thought others might be interested in how I do it.

  6. I end up using new graphite paper a lot because I can't find my used one! LOL
    Love your painting - waiting to see the finished product!

  7. LOL - Audrey - I have done that, too - but I live an hour from anywhere that has supplies, so I am out of luck if I can't find it!

    Thanks, Carole =) glad to see you back!

  8. I love seeing work in progress! Beautifully done! It is like looking into the artist's sole!


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