Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a full Fall!

Well, in some ways I feel like I am picking up my brushes and going back to school! This Fall is full of exciting changes for me with lots of new experiences and new challenges.

As many of you know, I sold my part of The Frame and I to Ida, who was my business partner for eleven years *whew* Time flies when you are having fun - and working hard. I wrote a little bit about that before - oh, yeah - and I did promise you some pictures when I wrote It's official! Um.... the pictures will come later..., so I guess I had better show you some now =)

Check out these lovely flowers! Wow!
And Edi gave me this cool plant ~

Just couldn't resist a close up of the flowers (thanks, Ida! You know I am going to paint them!)

And lovely cards, a very cool book with awesome illustrations and very neat ACEO from Emma - which sits by my computer ~

I received a lovely cross necklace from Ida, too - and now I have a great deal of appreciation for all of you who photograph jewelry. *argh* I guess you will have to take my word for how cool it is because none of my pictures came out. at all!

It was a lovely last working day at the shop - thank you to everyone!
So what's next? Well, I am painting like crazy because in November I will have a solo show at The Frame and I. Cynthia and I are working on our book. I am learning all kinds of new computer skills *whew* proving that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. And I am thanking the Lord each day for the opportunities before me!
When I was a young, Fall was my favorite time of year because it had everything from the anticipation of a new school year to Christmas. The Etsy Bloggers blog carnival subject is 'back to school - what does it mean to you?' When I read that, I thought of how much I enjoyed the return to school and how, once again, I am in 'school' as I learn new skills and have new experiences. This year is like those long past school days - full of experiences just waiting to be unwrapped! Hope your Fall is full of fun happenings, too =)
God bless,
PS I promise I will tell you which puzzler I am! I didn't forget *winks* but I haven't done the drawing yet, so I couldn't tell you the winner!
PPSS If you want to know more about the first photograph with the palette in it - just click it!


  1. How exciting for you, Kathy! Congratulations on a new stage in your life!

  2. Kathy, sounds so exciting. It also sounds like you need to make sure to take care of you and not overdo. Which is easy to do when you are working at home.

  3. I know you are excited and I don't blame you one bit. You have so much to look forward to and to experience. Good for you. :)

  4. Thank you, Allie - I am excited!

    LOL, so true, Marlene - I have already discovered that I can't do everything on my list in one day! Oh, my!

    Thanks, Carole =) Big steps - taking them one at a time *winks*

  5. Kathy,

    Congrats on your last day of work, what cool gifts you got!

    What a neat way to keep track of your paint colors, I never would have thought of that!


  6. P.S. Good Luck with your show, and be sure to take lots of pictures!

  7. Thanks, Pam - I just had to share the lovely gifts =)

    haha - self-defense on the paint! I had to have some way to keep track of all those colors. LOL! yeah *rolls eyes* I am addicted to color *laughs*

    I will take lots of pictures *smiles* I am looking forward to it.


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