Saturday, August 22, 2009

I would have used duct tape...

The dog is not amused.

Nope. Not amused at all! Maybe it was because I called her 'cone head' - but, that was after she tried to remove my leg with the cone. Man, those things hurt when they come flying at you.
Before you panic, you need to know two things. The vet put the cone on her because she had a tiny little itty bitty teeny nick on her leg. And, I took the cone off right after I tortured her by taking lots of pictures. I repeat, though, she did get even for the torture because she tried to take my leg off with the cone.
Cone removal from the dog was self protection for me.
I would have used duct tape. Guess the vet had more fun!
PS Doggie, Lova, is now fully recovered. Other doggie, Cookie, was accused of nipping. Naturally, no one was present when the alleged event occurred. I was several hundred miles away on vacation - spending the rest of my money on me. I did tell the kennel not to put anything in there with the two of them or they would possibly argue... and, well, one of them might need duct tape... Or, apparently, a cone. Nobody believed the human, so they gave them a blanket. Just one blanket.
Next time I will leave them a roll of duct tape - it will make the underdog happier.


  1. ROTFLOL-You crack me up with your descriptions! Glad doggie is okay.

  2. Aw, poor baby. Maxwell had to wear one of those for a while and, yep, you guessed it, the vet did indeed use duct tape to "tie" the horrible cone of silence (NOT) onto the ever-long-suffering Maxwell Smart, the poor pathetic (according to him) Golden Retriever. Dogs are just as creative at extracting revenge as cats are!

  3. Thanks everyone ;-) Yes, Lova is just fine and Cookie still refuses to look guilty.

    Totally true, Karin - I think all our critters can be VERY creative! LOL!

  4. Kathy - So glad Lova is ok. You are so funny! LOL

  5. Thanks, Pam *winks* I don't think that Lova appreciated my sense of humor at this moment in time! LOL!

  6. Really funny post! Your dog is cute!

  7. Kathy, you are hilarious. I hope i get to meet you some day...right along with Pam, and Marlene and a few others too. LOL

  8. Carole - Wouldn't that be nice! :)

  9. Hey - I have a guest room *winks* with a hide-a-bed and a twin bed!

    and dogs =p

    Thank you, Graceful =)

  10. LOL I have an air mattress, lol we just folded it up an hour ago, and do you think it would go back in the box to sell it ? Of course not! ha ha ha

    You should have seen us 2 women laying on it trying to get the air out. :)


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