Friday, August 21, 2009

Close your eyes, Pam!

Hey - am I crazy? I think this is really cool! This little guy (um... gal?) makes me want to do a painting. Have I lost it?

I love the contrast in color and the graceful legs... maybe I just wish I had long legs like that - well, not so many! Two legs are just fine with me.

Anyway - what do you think? Should I do a painting of this little critter (Pam is excused from voting! I can hear you shivering from here!) Do you think that people would buy paintings of bugs? Maybe if I called them insects... that does sound a little more important....

Yeah - what do you think?




  1. Kathy - LOL Why not, he's kind of cute! He's not a bee or spider so he's ok by me! OR ant! lol He's not is he ? I say paint what you want, have fun. Others will love to see what you do!

  2. Kathy, I agree the contrast in color is wonderful. Pam is the reason I have not uploaded a picture of the large black widow spider my husband had in his shop, he sprayed it so I could get a picture of it, normally he would have stepped on it, but suspected it was not an ordinalry spider.She has the red hourglass on her tummy and everything and the only one I have seen since I was a child.

  3. I've bought ladybugs and spiders and butterflies and why not?

  4. Oh wow, Marlene! Thank you! You can post it I just will not look! lol If I found that in my house I'd be moving!


  5. Great photo - both of the bug and the plant. Is that a squash plant? I LOVE bugs, er, insects, except for tomato hornworms - ICK!

  6. Tehe - Living out here, I find all kinds of creepy crawlies! All the time *rolls eyes* some are okay - and some not so okay!

    LOL! Karin, I will take the tomato worms over the millipedes ANY day! This is actually a sunflower plant.

    Marlene - I wish I didn't see as many black widows as I do! I did see a brown recluse once. But not for long. Well... not in once piece for long... (apologizes to the bug lovers - and the bugs)

    Pam - that is true =) I think I will go for it and do a few paintings of some of these amazing little critters.

    hehe - ummmmm.... Pam, this is (I am pretty sure) a tarantula wasp. However, since none of us are tarantulas, I think we are all okay. Ahhhh... none of you are tarantulas, are you???

  7. Kathy - YUCK, I would have never known! lol Have fun painting!

  8. Thanks, Pam - actually, they really do prefer tarantulas... I suppose you could irritate one if you messed with it - ROFLOL - that is NOT what I generally do!

    haha - and my previous comment to Pam was really directed at Carole - too late for the typing fingers!

  9. I wonder about people buying paintings of insects, as well. I have tons of photos of walking stickis, praying mantis, katydids, moths, mystery bugs like yours, etc. I didn't think people would buy the photos but maybe they would buy a painting. Who knows...paint it and see if it sells!

  10. It comes under the heading of 'you never know'! When I do these paintings, I am going to keep them small - ACEO to 5 x 7 ish size. That will make them affordable enough that people can pick up a funny gift for someone else or themselves. At least that is my theory! =p


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