Sunday, August 9, 2009

The BEST tree of all - is my family tree! (And here's A NEW Contest!)

Well, the Blog to Blog Terrific Trees Treasure Hunt has ended - hope you had a lot of fun traveling through our blogs. I will post my winner on Monday, August 10, but for now I wanted to share a tiny branch of my favorite tree - My Family Tree!

Well, perhaps we are not at our best here. Ahem. Um... Yeah, well - you see, we have this sort of family tradition. Every time there is a group of us gathered, there is a puzzle to be worked. It usually has around 1000 pieces. *sits up straight and smirks* we are serious Puzzlers! We found out at this gathering that "Puzzler" is a real word and there are a bunch of us nuts *um* PEOPLE all over the world who like puzzles as much as we do, so we are now using that word - frequently! (especially to the few non-puzzlers imported into this family by marriage... They are outnumbered =) so we puzzlers win! even if they are rolling their eyes at this very moment in time!)

Anyway, here we are and the puzzle is finished. *whew* And just in the nick of time because daughter and I were leaving the next day and there would be no puzzle time before we left! And, yes - we were up very late! *laughs*

This was the second photo mosaic puzzle we have put together. We all took a vote and decided that Cousin Barbara is no longer allowed to shop for puzzles unattended. Fortunately there was a poster in the box with this puzzle so you could sort of see the tiny little photos enough to guess where some of them might belong. Well, actually you couldn't see the poster because daughter wouldn't let go of it, but if you handed her a piece she would tell you where it went.

It was a great group effort and we had lots of fun. I am still trying to figure out how I managed to get stuck "doing" all the black pieces. I think it was the delayed arrival due to snack searching. The black was all that was left. Oh, well. Come to think of it - I did all the dark pieces last year, too. Hey - what's up with that??? *laughs* I was probably on another snack run!

If you want a challenging puzzle, pick one of these up. Unless you are Cousin Barbara, of course - then it's not allowed!

Hope you enjoyed the Treasure Hunt - and this little peek at a few twigs of my family tree! And, hey - if you can guess which one of these crazy puzzlers I am, I will enter you into a drawing to win a little ACEO. You have a week to guess and you can guess more than once, but each guess has to be posted in a separate comment. Only the correct guess will qualify you to be entered into the drawing. If you follow my blog, however, I will enter you in the drawing even if you are wrong. If you guess right and follow my blog, I will enter you in the drawing twice!

If these instructions are "clear as mud" (as Nana used to say) and you have any questions, email me or leave a comment here and I will try to lift the fog of confusion! This Puzzle Contest will end at midnight EST on Sunday, August 16, 2009.

Have fun with this "puzzle"!

God bless,


  1. It's funny how life gives you little treasures when you least expect them. Your site and art are uplifting ~ so glad I ran across your work in my aceo search yesterday. I look forward to more stories and beautiful artwork.

  2. Great little anecdote, Kathy. LOL

    I think you are the one hiding your head behind someone.:)

  3. Thanks, MagicMarkingsArt! I am glad that you enjoy my warped sense of humor *winks* Glad you like my artwork =) You have a fun shop on etsy! Thanks, also, for following my blog! You are entered into my spontaneous puzzle contest now!

    Thanks Carole =) Glad you liked it and glad you made a guess, too!

  4. Kathy,

    LMAO Too funny, I love love love puzzles, we used to do 1000 pieces, and once even did 5000 or 10000, I forget it was massive, took months had about 4 of us working on it and we used 2 huge closet doors as tables! LOL 1 for sorting and 1 for the puzzle, making me want to do another huge one!

    I think you are the one in the peach top at the back, head leaning on a girl.

  5. Wow, Pam - You may have us beat! I think the biggest one we have ever done is 2000 or 3000 pieces. LOL! In the last few years we have limited them to around 1000 or so pieces because we only have a couple of days to do them sometimes. LOL! We have, however, been known to break one out on Thanksgiving morning and have it done by evening. Glad to find another puzzler *winks*

  6. Hi Kathy,

    We just came back from my grandparents place, we ate dinner out in a common area of their seniors building, 2 tables there 6 of us ate at one, and the 2nd had a 1000 piece puzzle, I just had to go do some of it! lol

  7. It would have been unfair of me to enter this contest, so I waited to post. My Dad and I were/are big-time PUZZLERS! Every year for Christmas I would buy him a new one and if we were all together that year, he and I would put it together - by ourselves. One year I did manage to stump him pretty good - I found a round puzzle of a Kennedy Half Dollar. Hee hee. Of course, when I purchased it, I forgot who was his Puzzle Pal (ME! YIKES!). That one took us almost a full day. Now I puzzle alone - well, with a little help from my cats. GROAN! Never, never leave a puzzle unattended when you have helpers such as these, aptly named the Furballs From Hello by a friend of mine!

  8. LOL Remembrances, I have a bird who loves to run away with puzzle pieces!

  9. That's playing through the hazzards, Pam and Karin! ROFLOL!

    Yeah, Karin - one year I bought Mom a lady bug puzzle *rolls eyes* and that was after I had bought a needle in a haystack! Takes me a while to learn my lessons *winks*

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