Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - Who doesn't like puddles?!

Really! You know that there is an incredible urge to jump into a puddle - no matter how old you are! Puddles are irresistible - they bring out the child in us and take us back to a time full of fun and games.

But what if that puddle was your only source of water?

Lack of clean drinking water is a major problem in many countries. You can make a difference! Visit World Vision International and type in "clean water" in their search box to see what has been done to help people - one community at a time.
"Rain for Simangele" is one way that I can help - one small drop of water that adds to another and another, until there is enough water to make crops grow and provide clean drinking water for an entire village. You can make a difference, too!
Here is your next stop on the Blog to Blog Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt ~
Visit Allie's delightful blog here:
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God bless,


  1. Is that a watercolor? It's really pretty!

    Water...what a wonderful sight! We had rain today here at my house for the first time in a month!

  2. Kind of looks like a footprint....(-;

  3. I was just thinking that it reminded me of a footprint, too :-) or maybe a cat???

  4. Just to let the water treasure hunt artists know: I've made the entire loop (a few times, in fact), and for some reason, I'm not able to post comments on carole and marlene's blogs! Well, I post, but they don't show up. Have no idea why.

  5. OK, never mind! Got it to work.

  6. Yes, puddles are fun! And thank you for the information about clean water. I have a link about clean water on my blog too!

    Your painting is lovely!

  7. Great Puddle! One time when I was babysitting we jumped in the puddles, it was so much fun! lol The little boy was dressed all in rain gear - I was not! ha ha ha

    "Rain for Simangele" is one of my favorites of yours!


  8. Thanks for all your kind comments! I'm glad you all enjoyed my puddle and my painting =)

    ksc - glad you were able to post on Carole's and Marlene's blogs finally!

    Jessie - yes, that is a print of a watercolor. I sent the original watercolor to Simangele =) Being an Arizona gal, I have a different appreciation for clouds and water!

    Hope you all enjoy our treasure hunt!

  9. your ACEO is lovely! puddles are great only when you got a big pair of boots on, lol! It's been years since I enjoyed jumping in them :-)

  10. my dog loves to get dirty in these!

  11. ROFLOL - pink - the last time it rained, I got caught in it right when I drove up to park for work - about a block away! I had to wade through 6 inches of water to get to the sidewalk and then dash into a parking garage to not get drenched. Too late - I was already drenched by the time I got there! LOL! One more puddle between me and work took care of my pants from the calves down - I was a wet mess! LOL! *snickers* I secretly REALLY enjoyed it!

    Funny, noble beeyotch - yeah - puddies seem to love the puddles!

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