Friday, July 10, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - ends at midnight Friday night, July 10!

Hurry! The Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ends at midnight, July 10! Check out the directions here! Basically, you post a comment at least once on each of our blogs to complete the blog circle. Each time you post a comment, you are entered in to a drawing to win an ACEO. The more you comment, the more times you are entered!

Yes! you can win more than one ACEO! But you have to hurry! The treasure hunt ends soon!

Race over to Allie's delightful blog here:

and when you have a little time, be sure to stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop =)

Have fun hunting for treasure!


PS - That little cutie racing through the water is my granddaughter, Mikayla, on a vacation to Michigan a couple of years ago =)


  1. oh, that looks like SOO much fun! i'd LOVE to take a trip to the beach, its been so long :(

  2. Glad you like the photo =) This was actually a small lake in Michigan - it was really pretty there! She loved the water and raced back and forth with her Daddy for quite a while.

  3. What a cutie! And I would be willing to bet she slept VERY well that night! LOL!!

  4. Oh to be a kid at the beach, so much fun! What a cute picture!

  5. Hi, I nominated you for THE LEMONADE AWARD, visit my blog to (right click on award and save to your computer) pick up your award if you so choose to. The rules are also listed in my blog. Thank you for being a positive in my life.

  6. Indeed she did, Remembrances!

    Thanks, Allie =)

    So very true, Carole =)

    Thank you, Marlene =) I will do that as soon as I can!

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